There are several ways in which social media affects our cognition, actions, and final inferences. The shows we watch on TV, the books we read, the films we watch online, and the music and podcasts we listen to all impact us. It also affects audience participation and how the entertainment business responds to criticism. Through social media, content creators like Leo Taylor-Jannati are driving this digital transformation and laying the groundwork for how we organize our personal libraries of favorite reads, watches, listens, and plays. Creators like Leo are trusted by their followers to provide honest suggestions, assessments, and reviews of the latest and greatest in the entertainment industry.

Having a career expanded over a decade, the 31 years old Leo Taylor-Jannati, known as Leo Jannati, is one of his kind. This young lad is a movie actor, entrepreneur, and prominent content creator. Leo, founder, and CEO of Xanadu Media deals with film & TV production, events, marketing, sports, and sponsored digital content creation. His other company Sponsor-wise Ltd. is a major sports marketing agency and a unique digital platform where sports companies and their brands can promote themselves and acquire sponsorship opportunities. He creates commercials, pictures, videos, and posts that speak to the precise target customers of his client companies at the appropriate time.

His love for cinema brought Leo to London at the age of 24. There he started theater and acted in various plays and dramas. He worked in independent cinema and produced movies like The Collaborators, Bastion, and Corruption II. In 2017, he performed in The Waiting Room, a part of the reputable Camden Fringe, where he received extremely positive appraisals for his performance. Leo has done several films as an actor, including Hellions, Corruption II, Bastion, Bastion, and The Collaborators, between the years 2014 to 2019.

Along with being an actor, Leo is an exceptional content creator too. In today’s day and age, content creation is expanding rapidly and successfully because creators like him constantly question society’s significant factors, such as politics, culture, art, religion, gender, sexuality, and race, through their content. With his podcast, Leo directly connects with his audience, which is his X- factor. He is influencing society with his podcast and content creation business and bridging the gap between companies and their clients.

Being from dual cultures himself, i.e., Iranian and British, Leo was profoundly influenced by his background and started a podcast series called Living in the Hyphen (LITH) to showcase his immense knowledge of cultural diversity. In the era of racism and monopoly, LITH provided a platform to explore serious concerns of society and any subject where one could be caught in a dichotomy. Each episode of LITH is approximately 1.5 hours, where Leo focuses on a particular issue and invites a guest to the relevant context.

While LITH had a humble beginning with a few viewers and listeners, today, the podcast has created a loyal customer base with numerous listeners and has accomplished great success quickly because of Leo’s leadership, positive attitude, and some great guests. His podcast, living in the Hyphen, in specific, has given people of diverse experiences a platform to speak for themselves and share their understandings.

Born into an Iranian-British family on December 12, 1991, in Bolton, Great Manchester, England, Leo Taylor made a mark for himself, especially in the content-creating business. He completed his A level in English Language, English Literature, Drama, and Media Studies from Bury College. Being a fan of football and a tremendous supporter of Bolton Wanderers FC, Leo’s passion for content creation is humongous. He always tries to bring something new, from movies to podcasts, to his digital company. Using his vision and extraordinary approach to reach the common man, Leo Taylor has molded himself into a successful businessman, actor, and digital content creator. His empathy towards unjustified societal norms is noteworthy, as is his courage to open the doors for many content creators who want to make a difference in the world. He is influencing youngsters incessantly through his films, podcast, and business strategies. Leo Taylor has paved his path as a successful magnate through his business and podcast.

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