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Life Insurance Corporation is the largest insurance company in India controlled by the Government of India. Insurance is a contract that promises to pay the person (or agent) an amount if the deed is insured. LIC offers a wide range of policies for different intervals and customer groups. Life insurance in India started over a hundred years ago. LIC has been a policymaker for more than a century. All age groups can get involved in politics, but old age and children benefit the most.

Children policy:

LIC’s children’s policies are by far the best compared to other insurance organizations. These guidelines are versatile and can be modified to suit your needs. All of these policies have the same layout. You can start the policy before your child turns 12 and you can choose the retirement age. Ages range from 18 to 25 depending on your child’s career plans. LIC currently offers two tariffs for children.

New money-back plan for children:

The new child benefit plan is an untied, with-profit life insurance installment plan for single people. It comes with the subtitle Kids Grow Up Very Fast. This plan provides the three perks of Death, Survival, and Maturity.

Death benefits include an amount for premature death. The survivor’s benefits include periodic withdrawals and the termination benefit covers the full amount of the policy plus the termination benefit. The survival benefits make this plan ideal for your child’s education, marriage, and other activities. The survivor’s benefit includes a fixed payment of 20% on the anniversary of the plan. You will also receive the investment profit for the quarter determined by the LIC. You can choose between different survival and death benefits. This makes it the best child insurance in no time at all.

You can pay the installments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The minimum amount is 100,000 rupees, the maximum is unlimited.

Jeevan Tarun plan:

Jeevan Tarun’s plan is an exclusive plan for your child’s education expenses. This plan gives you the four benefits of the plan above, but each benefit has different rates and options. The minimum age for coming of age is 20 and the options for survival assistance are more geared towards the educational perspective.

This plan gives you four options each for the Survival and Maturity perks, making it more versatile. You can choose the percentage of survival and cancellation benefits. Survival options are zero, 5%, 10% and 15% per year. Likewise, the bleed rate options are 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%, respectively. This makes this policy the best lic policy for your child’s future.

Both plans are the best child insurance plan in Life insurance. LIC is one of the oldest and most trusted policymakers in the country. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Please take more time and guidance when selecting your options for the respective benefits. These options cannot be changed on the fly. Choosing your maturity is also essential. Be aware of fraud. The insurance and policy industry is prone to a lot of fraud. Choose the licensed child subscription that’s right for you and secure your child’s future.


What is Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)?

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is a leading insurance company in India that offers various life insurance policies to individuals and families. It is a government-owned corporation that provides financial protection and security to policyholders.

What are children policies offered by LIC?

LIC offers several policies specifically designed for the benefit of children. These policies aim to secure their future, provide financial assistance for education, and ensure a comfortable life for them.

What are the benefits of LIC children policies?

LIC children policies come with numerous benefits, such as life coverage, maturity benefits, survival benefits, and additional riders for enhanced protection. They also offer tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, providing savings on income tax.

Are there different types of children policies offered by LIC?

Yes, LIC offers different types of children policies to cater to various needs and requirements. Some of the popular policies include the LIC Jeevan Tarun, LIC Jeevan Ankur, LIC New Children’s Money Back Plan, and LIC New Bima Bachat, among others.

What is the eligibility criteria for purchasing LIC children policies?

The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific policy. Generally, parents or legal guardians can purchase these policies for their children. The child’s age at the time of policy purchase and the minimum sum assured may also be considered.

Can I customize the LIC children policies according to my requirements?

LIC children policies offer flexibility, and you can customize them to suit your needs. You can choose the sum assured, policy term, premium payment frequency, and additional riders based on your preferences.

How can I apply for LIC children policies?

To apply for LIC children policies, you can visit the nearest LIC branch or contact an LIC agent. You will need to fill out the application form, provide the required documents, and pay the premium as per the policy terms.


Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) provides a range of children policies aimed at securing the future of your loved ones. These policies offer comprehensive coverage, attractive benefits, and the flexibility to customize them as per your requirements. Whether you wish to ensure their education, marriage, or provide financial support in your absence, LIC children policies can be a valuable investment.

By choosing LIC children policies, you can rest assured that your children will have financial stability and security, even in unforeseen circumstances. The policies also come with tax benefits, making them a smart financial planning tool.

To make the most informed decision, it is advisable to carefully assess your requirements, consider the policy features, and consult with an LIC representative or financial advisor. Safeguard your children’s future with LIC children policies and give them the best opportunities in life.

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