People who start their careers from scratch and are able to make a name for themselves know what it takes to truly achieve success. While some might have it easy, there are those who face real challenges that hinder their growth. However, such individuals stand in the face of adversity and do not let any hurdle stop them from turning their dreams into reality. In fact, it is these tough situations that push them toward their goals more than anything else. Hence it is no wonder that the most successful stories surface from humble beginnings, proving to the world that when life gets tough, they get tougher.

Such is the story of West London Rapper Mr Streetz. In a short span of time, he has carved a niche for himself in the music industry that many take years to do so. Debuting with his single ‘Break the Mould’, Mr Streetz made it clear to the world that he was an entire package; a singer and songwriter who can instantly attract audiences with his melodious composition and soulful lyrics. Ever since the release of his first single, he has been on a roll. He has produced numerous songs, two of which, ‘Otherside’ and ‘Money Heist’ became insanely popular among listeners.

Born in East London, England, Mr Streetz always had a passion for music. He started working on it very early on, as he realised that this was what he ultimately wanted to do in life. He began rapping while he was in school but did not have a definite outlet to produce any songs, which is why all his work stayed limited to his ‘Book of Rhythms’. He soon left school to work a full-time job so that he could contribute to his family and gradually make enough money to pursue his dream. However, it was not easy. Even though music was his passion, his first job was at a construction company. “My parents were working three jobs each just to make ends meet that is why I didn’t stay in school and chose to make my own money, so they didn’t have to look after me,” Mr Streetz revealed.

Despite their financial struggles, one thing that remained constant between this musical genius and his family was their mutual love for music. As a kid, he would often see his mother clean the house while listening to either Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston, two legends that he still looks up to. On the other hand, his father would listen to Elvis and the Beatles. Thus, it is safe to say that he grew up listening to a diverse range of music and ended up appreciating artists from all around the world. Mr Streetz’s absolute favourites, however, have been Eminem and Tupac, as they gave him creative direction with his lyrics at a very young age.

Today, Mr Streetz deems emotions as the primary ingredient in his music, and perhaps his childhood plays a vital role in it. He believes that if he puts in emotions to create music, the listener will have no choice but to feel them and end up getting hooked to the tunes he composes. This is one of the reasons why Mr Streetz has millions of views on YouTube and an equally bigger audience on other platforms, like Spotify. His song ‘Fish in the Sea’ has over 200k streams on Spotify, whereas others such as ‘Broken Family’, ‘Special One’ and ‘Wine & Cheese’ also became popular quite instantly.

Despite his success, Mr Streetz makes sure that he never takes his craft for granted and makes sure to spend a good amount of hours on his music. In fact, sometimes, his process of making music also changes. “In some instances, I only get inspiration for a song’s lyrics after listening to the beat. However, in most cases, I have the idea first and try to wrap the beat around the lyrics afterwards,” he explained.

The key to Mr Streetz’s success is his dedication, consistency, and his outstanding work ethic. People from all around the world enjoy his music because they feel an instant connection to it. So don’t miss out on his latest song, ‘Hood Therapy’, where he talks about toxic relationships, because let’s be honest, we have all been there!

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