sharp jawlines & how can you achieve one

8 easy ways to achieve the look of an actress with a sharp jawline

Whenever we meet a person for the first time, we find certain features in their faces and their bodies that catch our attention instantly. In fact, facial features are the first ones that catch our attention and are one of the most remembered too!

But one of the first things that we note in a person’s face is their sharp jawline. Studies have shown that a sharp jawline is generally associated with overall good health, strength and success. This is a secret that everyone knows but only a few benefit from it.

For instance, celebrities, especially actresses, across the world long to have a sharp jawline as that makes them look attractive, young and confident not just on the screen but even in real life too. Even ordinary people tend to emulate that sharp jawline by holding their cameras at a particular angle and pouting to get that perfect selfie.

Though a sharp jawline is indeed a genetic trait, today a host of surgical and non-surgical solutions are also available that help you achieve one. Let us find out the non-surgical ways of achieving a sharp jawline. But let us first meet some prominent female celebrities and actresses with sharp jawlines across the world.

  1. Angeline Jolie


2. Jenifer Lopez

3.Victoria Beckham


4.Kareena Kapoor


5.Deepika Padkone

6.Jacqueline Fernandes

But if you too want to have the chiseled looks like these actresses with sharp jawlines, help is at hand. Here are some non-surgical techniques that you could try to achieve such sharp jawlines.

  1. Exercise your jaw

You could chew more than usual, balance a ball between your neck and chin or even make those funny selfie faces when alone. But keep your jaw muscles well exercised to prevent them from sagging or becoming loose.

  1. Smile as often as you can

Besides being a mood enhancer, smiling helps to tone the cheekbone muscles and also the other muscles in your face. But make sure you don’t smile at everything or else you will make a fool of yourself.

  1. Massage your face

Just the way a body massage energises you, a face massage does the same to your jaws. Make sure to gently massage your face and especially your jaw and the jawlines on both sides with a blend of carrier oil and essential oil. Besides improving blood circulation, preventing sagging of your facial skin and delaying wrinkles, the essential oil massage may even become an aromatherapy session too!

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water is not just a hydrating and moisturising tool, it is a powerful detoxifying agent too! Make sure to keep yourself well–hydrated at regular intervals to have that toned and firm skin.

  1. Say the vowels often

Saying the 5 vowels A, E, I, O and U aloud is a great jawline exercise. But make sure that whenever you utter every vowel, you must hold on to that expression and maintain the same tension in your muscle for about 5-6 seconds.

  1. Clench your jaw tight

One of the best ways of achieving a sharp jawline is by clenching the jaw tightly for about 10-15 seconds and then releasing it. Eventually, you must clench your jaw for as long as you can hold it. The best part about jaw clenching is that you can do it for any amount of time throughout the day without anyone even noticing it!

  1. Sleep right

As always, getting adequate sleep acts as an elixir. Make sure you sleep well or else none of the above efforts will give you any result. That is because sleep-deprived individuals tend to have bloated faces and also have dark circles below their eyes. Both take very long to get rid of.

  1. Go for contour highlighting make-up

Till the time you are practising the above techniques, you may want to opt for a contour highlighting make-up which will enhance your sharp jawline even further. And once your efforts start showing results, you can always stop applying such contour-highlighting make-ups!

While some actresses with sharp jawlines get it by birth, some undergo the knife to achieve it. But, if you don’t possess the genetic characteristics nor do you want to face the surgeon’s scalpel, then these simple everyday techniques can help you achieve a sharper jawline for sure.

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