The industry for mini-PCs emerged in the early 2000s, converging the two trends: free desktop and legacy. The following trends eliminated the usage of orthodox connectors like parallel ports supporting USB.

With the evolution of technology and innovation, mini-PCs have recently gained immense popularity, significantly due to their structure and design, which is smaller than conventional PCs. Hence, the miniature devices have contributed to the factor of versatility and processing capabilities.

“History is not just the evolution of technology; it is the evolution of thought.”

– James Redfield

The development proves to be remarkable and revolutionary, giving birth to two devices that have molded the mini-PC industry, leading the trending waves. The first one to monopolize the market was the Apple Mac Mini, conquering the ecosystem as a low-cost device. After seven years, in 2012, Intel introduced the concept of the Next Unit of Computing (NUC), which integrates x86-class processors in tiny cases.

Over time, the industry for mini-PCs has evolved, gaining a foothold in the untapped corporate world. The manufacturers who first launched the concept are dominating the market. As more businesses are demanding powerful computing software to assist with smooth day-to-day operations, the trend to use mini-PCs is flourishing.

In recent years, mini-PCs have become a preference for businesses as well as individuals who are seeking streamlined computing solutions that best suit their contemporary designed workstations. According to many hardware analysts, the mini-PC industry will witness an increase of 10% in volume growth.

Hence, to cater to the increasing demand, distributions are emerging rapidly to supply computing solutions. One of those includes ACE MAGICIAN Mini–PC, popularly known as ACEMAGICIAN, a private corporation headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The brand name originates from the series Magician Impossible, offering ‘magical’ computing solutions that are convenient and effective.

The brand aims to integrate the sparkling magic of technology by manufacturing personal consumer microelectronics elevating the success of the corporate world. As the mission states, “Mini Space, Big World” sheds light on the magical spark created by cutting-edge technology. 

Kevin Dou, the founder of the company, established the operations in 2013, sharing the corporate connection with Shenzhen Chuangtong Yi Gou Technology Co. Ltd. and further fueling the growth to serve the global market. Currently, the company exports to more than 40 countries

Therefore, the services are not limited to businesses located in China, but any business worldwide can benefit from the software. ACEMAGICIAN provides the solution to achieve maximum computing power with limited resources by offering durable mini-PCs.

Operating in computing solutions requires adherence to rigorous compliance and regulations to adopt a sustainable approach. As a result, and to stay ahead of the competition, the company aims to adopt a sustainable approach while mitigating the adverse implications on the environment.

The electronic devices are structurally designed to comply with the requirements of convenience, portability, durability, functionality, and premium technology in order to deliver globally. Additionally, the devices tend to complement small bedrooms and offices.

Catering to varying requirements of diverse demographics obliges the delivery of a variety of products. Hence, their mini-PC collection is exclusively designed to be installed in small workstations. The models include, AMR5, AD03 N95, AM08Pro, AK1Pro, AM06, CK10, GK3V, T8Plus, and many more.

Moreover, additional space is often a premium cost for small businesses, discouraging many owners from expanding their operations. Since mini-PCs are attractive for their miniature size in addition to their efficient performance, many organizations are switching to the alternative without compromising creativity and productivity. Mini PCs have become an ideal alternative to conventional PCs, providing space-saving features at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, the company offers a diverse product portfolio, ensuring that each model is strategically designed and manufactured, offering diverse specifications in order to meet contemporary trends. Their devices ensure the satisfaction of businesses as well as game enthusiasts.

The company operates in the wholesale industry, managing to deliver bulk products at reasonable prices, hence, adopting the low-cost pricing strategy. Thus, the subsequent strategy has propelled sales revenue along with attaining the leading position in the market for ten years.

ACEMAGICIAN is trusted by many customers and boasts winning featured positions in prestigious magazines, including Forbes and Market Watch. As highlighted by Forbes:

“The best mini-PCs that deliver computer power in a small package.”

Nonetheless, mini-PCs are incorporated into varying aspects that eventually support the economy holistically, including cash machines, electronic tills, signage displays, airport displays, ticket machines, and public access kiosks.

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