The parade of innovation in the smart home market continues, and the previous years have already brought new or improved ideas, such as using linear actuators to mount and store large LED screens while adding free space to a room. And this is just one of the examples when using actuators. Imagine how many ordinary things can be improved today using an absolutely simple technological solution.

Smart home technology opens up new possibilities for automation, whether people start to apply a smart door lock, a self-adjusting thermostat, or speakers with a voice assistant.

Progressive Automation experts have put together several new technologies, some of them you can find on this page, which are coming out this year and continue to attract more new buyers. As trends often change and it is getting hard to keep up with them. Therefore making a podcast explaining current trends would get you many views. If you would like to have a guaranteed high success rate for your podcast, buy soundcloud plays.

Smart home: Everything Is Under Control

We open the front door. The key is no longer needed for this: the lock is equipped with an integrated sensor. Finger on the scanner – and the entrance is free. Up to several dozen, fingerprints can be memorized by the intelligent system. The owner is not at home, and the guests are already on the doorstep? No problem! Using a smartphone or tablet, the owner of the house can open the door wherever he is. So you can let in postmen, delivery service or workers. Are you afraid that you will do something? No problem: the house will keep order in your absence. The built-in video cameras inside and outside will inform you about every step of strangers.

The central control room is hidden behind a small mirror in the hallway or under any possible objects. When activated, the mirror surface displays all applications that control the home. What the temperature in separate rooms is, where the blinds need to be lowered when the washing machine has finished its work – the screen keeps you informed.

Applications allow you to control the alarm, set up an individual ventilation mode, and even choose the lighting and the right temperature depending on your individual preferences. Let’s say you’re going to spend the evening in front of the TV. Let the house know what time you’ll be there and it will warm up the couch and dim the lights. By the way, you can improve your home theater with excellent acoustics, and at the same time no speakers, sockets, and wires. The audio system is built into the furniture, for example, in the armrests of a sofa or chair.

Home Gadgets: How to Protect Yourself

If a pipe leaks in the bathroom or basement, the sensor will notify the valve – and the water will be turned off. At night, the floor in some rooms can be converted into a trap for robbers. The sensors are so sensitive that the alarm is triggered even with a light touch. A special sensor will inform about the fall of the grandmother from the bed and, if necessary, notify the neighbors or call a doctor. The door will open automatically. New technologies should make the house not only more comfortable but also more reliable.

Smart devices that help solve energy saving and security problems are of most interest to most consumers today. The updated surveillance cameras, smart electronic locks, wireless speakers, and of course, virtual assistants are in demand.

Create a Modern Kitchen with Actuators

Modern kitchens are becoming more open and more built into living or dining spaces in homes. This trend calls for versatile functionality. Regulatory capability matters and truly sets you apart as a manufacturer. Using actuators to accomplish your tasks has several additional benefits.

Convenient systems are easy to install and manage

Silent actuators and energy-efficient control units. Height adjustment is a growing trend and is already a ubiquitous feature in many workplaces. There is also a growing trend towards adjustable features in private home kitchens. Not only does this feature allow family members of different sizes to comfortably cook in the kitchen, but it also provides improved ergonomics for people as different tasks require different heights. The adjustment also helps to make the kitchen more capacious and multifunctional. Actuator systems help set up individual spaces, move hoods or cabinets, and provide mobility for adjustable adjacent tables.

Gain design freedom with compact actuators

The compact design and build of Progressive Automation allows the actuator systems to easily fit into your kitchen without getting in the way of the overall design. You retain design freedom while offering an innovative kitchen solution and making the most of the available square footage through multi-functionality.

Intelligent Actuator System for Desks

Recently, a global trend for ergonomics has appeared for workplaces. This is especially true in workplaces where employees sit or stand still for most of the day. Many scientific studies show that changing your posture often helps improve employee health and allows them to stay productive throughout the day. Responsible managers pay attention to this and install height-adjustable tables and/or workplaces for employees. Actuator solutions will allow you to get benefits such as:

  • Convenient design and easy installation,
  • Smooth parallel running and ultra-quiet operation,
  • Reliable lifting columns made by experienced producers.

Work in different conditions can vary greatly. Some people sit at an office desk while others stand all day at a technical or industrial workplace. However, the goal remains the same for employees to stay productive throughout the day and healthy throughout their working lives. Lift column systems help create the necessary height adjustment or table tilt for optimum ergonomics.

Customize, Plug and Play

When it comes to office desks, design plays a major role. Industrial jobs require reliability and high load capacity, while technical jobs require multifunctional coordination between actuators. With a wide range of products, today it is possible to satisfy most requests and provide modular electrical solutions and ready-made frame systems for any workplace.

Enjoy Smooth Moving with Low Noise

Many workplaces are used around the clock by employees working in shifts. In-office spaces, many people often use the same desks throughout the day. No two people are the same and the demand for flexible desk solutions is on the rise. With state-of-the-art actuator technology, you can achieve smooth and near-silent movement with logical controls and intelligent software that is easy to modify and personalize. They provide optimal ergonomics, increased productivity, and, as a result, happier employees.

What Are the Disadvantages of Smart Devices?

Some users share about the difficulties in:

  • installing the system without assistance,
  • poor technical support, and
  • problems with signal transmission.

But the biggest fear of skeptics is the possible vulnerability of digital systems. To protect yourself from possible troubles, especially when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, it’s recommended to ask the relevant experts for help.

Purchase smart devices from reputable manufacturers that pay more attention to the importance of data protection. When buying, you should pay attention, first of all, to whether the warranty provides for software updates and when. It should be possible to use the individual password in order to protect access to the settings interface. Only those settings that you really need in everyday life should be activated. If several people live in the house, then it is better to make several user profiles with an individualized list of applications.

Home Automation: What’s Important to Know

Before planning any home automation project, it’s recommended to take into consideration several critical points, including the communication protocols, the weight it is going to hold and sensors applied. When it comes to the communication protocol, this part composes the hardware of the automation system, which includes all the linked devices to improve mutual communication.

The complexity of the home automation package influences the following hardware. Everything needs to be installed properly to meet the necessary setting requirements. The way the elements of the hardware are linked to each other plays a considerable role in specifying whether everything will work properly.

If you need any consultation or advice concerning home automation implementation for your individual project, please contact directly the manufacturer or the company dealing with linear actuators and smart home systems. This approach will guarantee effective work and can even save your budget. At the same time, the related expert can assist you when it comes to the smart system upgrade or any possible repair matters.

It’s essential to be sure of the complete compatibility of all the integrated parts, as it may affect the future necessity in upgrading. Check new solutions and choose only the most innovative and updated opportunities to be more effective and flexible in terms of new ideas for home automation.

In conclusion, it’s important for the potential home automation client or simply a homeowner to learn the range of smart products available today from the leading manufacturers to understand basic processes and all the nuances. Dealing with tested and reliable linear actuator producers as well as home automation systems providers, you will receive the required support and recommendations concerning further steps and plans of smartening up your home. Enjoy technical innovations and simplify your life with new devices.

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