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People always liked the services of an authentic spa center. But if its services make clients face problems like double bookings, trouble booking appointments, booking for some other service, etc. then the client always starts to have second thoughts.

To not come to that time the spa owners tend to provide their clients with every facility possible for an excellent user experience. So, they use online booking software for this purpose which helps everyone in many ways. The clients got rid of the inconveniences they used to face and the spa owners generated more leads than ever.

Following are some reasons why software is liked more than the manual and traditional way of booking:

1.    24/7 Online Availability:

The online availability of booking software allows clients and new customers to book for a service from their couch. The online facility of the booking software saves the time you needed to manage your busy schedule. Just to get to the spa in person or try calling for an hour during peak hours to book a Swedish massage.

This facility has shortened the length of the distance to almost nothing. The client can just open the mobile app and search for the time which suits them best. They look up to the scheduler who mentions every busy hour of each staff of the salon. Clients can even view their practitioner’s break times.

This gives them almost complete control of deciding at what time they need their service. Although it is up to the management staff to approve that booking or not.

The online spa booking software allows the new client to access the spa website and book for a service of your choice anywhere and at any time. For example, if you are thinking about getting full body massage therapy at late night but you are afraid that it might slip out of your mind in the morning. Then you should book yourself a seat at the spa right at the moment with an easy procedure to follow.

2.    Improved Marketing:

The software provides you with technology that uses advanced marketing tactics to convince people to use your services. These tactics involve customer-tailored emails; following a proper order. For example, it can send a customer email of their booking for the sports massage therapy. After the appointment, you can set to send them an email with tips for after-massage precautions. In case they missed or rescheduled the appointment due to any reason, you can send them an email stating the advantages of the sports massage.

The fun part is you don’t need to send these emails to every client separately. You can apply this technique to every service and automate it according to the way you find it more suitable. This way you face the least struggle in this process. Maybe this is the main reason that email marketing is considered to be one of the most efficient ways of lead generation.

The improved marketing of the spa through software can increase the legitimate leads of the spa in no time. Because improving the marketing tactics improves the availability of the business on a wider range. Once the online presence of your business is worth trusting, people will use try services and suggest to others too. Using the online spa booking software, the management of your service will be no issue.

3.    Time Effective

The use of booking software spares a lot of time for the management staff of the spa. The time they had to spend in writing all the call logs and the result of it to decide whether or not to call them again. It also saves the time spent calling and receiving every call of each client and new customer.

Other than that, the automation feature of the software does many tasks you need to do every day. For example, sending promotional emails, reminders of appointments, updating the scheduler, etc.

It is said that software of Wellyx is one of the best software providers for spas.

4.    Customer Engagement:

Most people always wish someone would do their job for them. This can be done now with the help of software. Software is more trustworthy than human has ever before. The only reason is the fact that human isn’t capable of giving their 100% all the time. They are bound to make mistakes, while on the other hand, the software doesn’t fall in the same category.

The software does every task without any mistake building a good relationship between the client and the spa. The most facilitated customers and clients always give more business than the regular customers. This is why customer engagement is considered the most important feature of a spa and salon business.


Providing the customer with the exact services they were promised is the first step of loyalty. The services may include cooperative staff, high-quality service, membership benefits, etc. 

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