Brim hats are a must-have fashion accessory all year round! They are perfect for every occasion, from hot summers to chilly winter days. As there is an extended variety of options in brim hats, you may have more than one brim hat. For example, you might own a straw hat, fedora hat, bowler hat, etc. Brim hats need much attention to be kept in good condition. Brim hats are often expensive, and many people do not want to spoil them. As such, brim hats should be stored carefully to prevent damage or ruin.

There are many ways to store brim hats properly to use them for long-term use without damaging their fabric and shape. Some people might be skeptical about hat storage, but this is very easy to do and can save a lot of headaches. Here are five simple rules, which might help keep your favorite hats alive and beautiful for the long term.

Placement of Hat Storage Cabinet

Brim hats should be stored in a cool and dry place but not exposed to sunlight or weather. Your home may fulfill the two conditions above but not be exposed to direct sunlight. Try to put it somewhere not exposed to direct sun for too long, such as an attic or basement. If you can’t find your home conditions suitable for hat storage, you can store your brim hats at the hat shop or a saloon.

Stack Your Brim Hats

brim hat tends to develop mold under the brim and crown. This can be avoided by careful stacking of brim hats. Make sure you store your brim hats in a vertical position. If you need to fold brim hats, make sure to wrap them with cloth lest they will get wrinkled or damaged. Depending on how well your hat boxes are designed, your hat can be folded and stored for ten years using this storage method.

Keep Your Hats with Mothballs 

Mothballs can keep your hats away from deterioration and moth damage. Mothballs have a peculiar scent that is not bad for the hat’s fabric. Put some mothballs in the hatbox, and it will keep your brim hats safe against moths and harmful mold. Also, make sure you keep the box tightly closed when not in use. You can also use lavender-scented mothballs or cedar chips as an alternative to mothballs if the smell of mothballs is unpleasant.

Keep Your Brim Hats Away From Excessive Sunlight

Though brim hats are made of fabric that can withstand sunlight, their color may fade when exposed to sunlight continuously day by day. To prevent this, place your brim hats in a drawer, box, or any other container with a lid to minimize exposure to sunlight during the time you do not wear it. Also, try to avoid a place with moisture, direct sunlight, and dust.

Use Hat Boxes for Storage

You can store your hats in any container of your choice. However, if you need extra protection from harmful elements, use specialized boxes for hat storage made of paper or fabric. You can find these kinds of boxes in the hat shop easily. Make sure the material is sturdy enough to keep the shape and design of your hats intact for an extended period.

The Importance of Storing Your Hats Properly

Storing your hat correctly is not only crucial for its longevity but also to keep your favorite hats as an accessory to complete your daily life. Here are a few more reasons to store your hats properly:

ü Keep Your Brim Hat in Good Condition

You should take care of storing your hats to ensure they retain their shape and look suitable for the long term. You can’t wear favorite hats you own if they get ruined. Safety is also a concern during hat storage. For example, you may want to store your fedora hat during winter, but storing it without a protector will make it vulnerable to water, harmful mold, and moth damage.

ü Help You Find Your Hat Easily

Storing brim hats will help you find them easily whenever you need them. You can keep them in good condition at home or store them in a hat shop by following the proper rules. As such, you will be able to find them whenever you need them and wear your favorite brim hats comfortably on any occasion.

ü Make Your Hats Last Long

Keeping your hats away from damage is an art of its own. However, by practicing the hat storage safety rules above, you are reducing evidence of harm that might happen to your hats. In addition, you might have spent a great deal of money on those hats, and storing them will make your investment worthwhile!

There are many ways to store your brim hats. But, by keeping your hats carefully and using them in the right way, you will have elegant hats for a long time and enjoy wearing them!


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