pilgrimage in india

India is where all religions, cultures, and traditions combine. The people of India are very religious and spiritual. Every state of India is full of temples, Dargahs, Masjid, and churches. People from different religions stay together in India, so India is a shining example of religious togetherness.

Every generation, especially the older generation, acknowledged the importance of pilgrimage in India. Because every pilgrimage place of India is rich with culture and traditional values, the spiritual atmosphere of each holy destination of India will provide you peace. Further, India’s pilgrimage destinations are places of God where you can reduce all your stress and tensions in life. The beautiful views of every place provide relaxation to each tourist. 

Moreover, the Char Dham of India is the most religious and spiritual place. Many devotees visit Char Dham every year. The Char Dham Yatra is quite difficult as all four destinations are in different directions.

Also, the Char Dham destinations are Badrinath in North, Dwarka in West, Rameswaram in South, and Puri in East. So if you select Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter by LIH Travels, you can comfortably visit each destination of Char Dham.

Let’s learn about 12 pilgrimage destinations, including Char Dham of India, to get the divine and spiritualism of India.

Top 12 Pilgrimage Destinations of India

This list of 12 pilgrimage sites of India  gives you a heavenly feeling. You will experience the rituals and cultures of Hinduism through these destinations. Let’s check out these below.

Badrinath, Uttarakhand


Badrinath temple


In Char Dham of India, Badrinath is the first destination, where you visit the temple of Lord Vishnu. Badrinath is a famous pilgrimage in India , and here you see the dual form of Lord Vishnu. This holy place attracts many devotees to visit the Nar and Narayan form of Lord Vishnu. Pandavas cross this sacred place during their journey to heaven. Uttarakhand’s sacred and religious place gives an eternal feeling to the devotees.

Dwarka, Gujarat


Dwarka temple gujrat


Another holy and religious place in India is Dwarika. The land of Lord Krishna is the best place of pilgrimage in India. This peaceful place is a part of Char Dham Yatra. The Arabian Sea destroyed the place six times, and now this place is the 7th city of Dwarika. Dwarika was the city of Lord Krishna as he ruled this place for many years. The devotional environment of this place provides peace and relaxation to each tourist. 

Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu


Rameshwaram temple

Rameswaram, one of the well-known pilgrimage in India, is the heavenly place where many devotees come to visit the beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. This holy place is also known as one Dham of Char Dham. Lord Ram built Ram Setu here in the Bay of Bengal Sea to reach Lanka. This spiritual place is also famous for Pandavas. The Linga worship by devotees here is a Jyotir Linga. Besides this, this place’s beautiful views and devotional atmosphere attract every devotee. 

Puri, Odisha


Jagannathpuri temple, odisha


Puri is a holy place where you introduce yourself to the traditions and cultures of Odisha. In Puri, Lord Jagannatha lives with his big brother Balabhadra and little sister Subhadra. This holy place is an example of the togetherness of the family of each Indian people. The world-famous Ratha yatra of this place invites many people from concerns of the world. This place is also part of Char Dham yatra. The unique procedure of worshiping God attracts many people. The Shree Mandir is surrounded by many small and big temples, including the goddess Lakshmi temple. 

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand




Besides Char Dham, you can experience spirituality at Kedarnath during your Pilgrimage India tour. The temple of Lord Shiva is located on Himalayan glaciers, which are covered with snow most of the time. Due to its beautiful location, people want to visit the Kedarnath temple once in their life. The divine beauty of the Kedarnath temple makes every heart warm.

Golden Temple, Punjab


Golden temple


During your pilgrimage, tourism in India must visit the stunning golden temple in Punjab. This Famous temple is an excellent sign of Sikh culture. Further, most parts of this temple comprise of pure gold. Every day thousands of people eat the Langar khana, a well-known temple tradition.

Bodh Gaya, Bihar


Bodh gaya


Bodh Gaya is a famous pilgrimage in India. This holy place is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this place, you can visit Buddhism’s culture and see an 80 feet tall statue of Buddha. Further, any organizations hold classes on Buddhist philosophy at this place. The beautiful view of this place gives a fantastic experience to the tourists. 

Amarnath Cave, Jammu, and Kashmir


Amarnath cave


Another holy and spiritual place of India is Amarnath Cave. People in large numbers come to visit this pilgrimage place of India. Moreover, the snow-covered hills of Jammu and Kashmir provide a peaceful experience to the devotees. This place is often covered with snow, but this place is packed with devotees during summer. The naturally created snow Ling of Lord Shiva provides a heavenly experience to the visitors. 

Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 




The place is counted as a holy place as it is the birthplace of Lord Ram. This sacred place attracts the attention of the devotees. Also, the Hindu culture is reflected in this place. People love to visit Ram Janmobhumi as it gives them peace. 

Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu, and Kashmir


Vaishno devi temple


The traditional Hindu temple, Vaishno Devi, is quite scary to reach. At the top of the hill, this temple is located. Further, many people believe that if a person visits this temple and worships goddess Vaishno Devi, they are the luckiest person. People come here with lots of faith and trust to fulfill their desires.

Shirdi, Maharashtra


Shirdi temple


In Maharashtra, the Famous place Shirdi is the sacred place of Lord Sai and one of the sites of pilgrimage in India. Moreover, people of different religions can visit this place to get a religious experience. Also, Lord Sai always says every religion is one, and there is one God for every person. So this place is perfect for every devotee. You can feel the spirituality and get peace at this place. 

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh 


Tirupati temple


One of the finest pilgrimages in India is Tirupati. Many devotees worship Lord Vishnu at this place. Also, the spiritual atmosphere of this place makes peace to every heart. People from corners of the world come to visit this holy place. The ancient temple of Lord Vishnu is a heritage site of India. 

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