It is only natural even to want to protect your property when you spend in doing something. For instance, a pool cover could be used for such specific reasons. Yet, the thing has always been susceptible to injury, and even if that occurs, it should be instantly serviced. But the main question here is how can you mend the pool screen lanai surface? Is there really a slight chance?

Though a few damages are under control and will demand screen renewal, it can sometimes be feasible to mend it. In this article, we will explain to you how or when to evaluate what sorts of impairments are easy to repair as well as how to follow that up.

Step by Step Instructions for Repairing the Pool Screen Cover

Under specific scenarios, the top of the pool screen casing can be fixed; specifically, if the damage is generated by many of the following reasons:

  • The destruction caused by the sun exposure such as warping and corroded paint.
  • Infestations, squirrels, and some other creatures have caused breaches.
  • Birds are resting on the screen top, or closeness to the water trigger deterioration.
  • Algae is growing on the fittings and enclosures.

In this section, we will guide you more on how to tackle different scenarios.

On Top of The Pool Screen Cover, How To Inhibit Solar Deterioration:

Repainting your pool shell is a great way to protect it from the radiation from the sun. Employing direct-to-metal pigments, you can recreate its initial shine with this process. It is not only cost efficient, but it is also ecologically beneficial because you will be repurposing your old casing to keep it last longer.

The technique is simple and straightforward:

  • Lay the plastic pieces on the surface to safeguard them.
  • Strap on your protective suits and safety gear;
  • Within the pan, mix the pigment;
  • Set the staircase where you intend to begin;
  • Initiate coloring with a paintbrush or a roller.

What to do to Repair Leaks in a Pool Screen Cover

Here is what you are doing when the openings are really not that large. This method is straightforward to use.

  • Make very sure the pool screen you are functioning on is totally clean and dry, or else the silicone sealant won’t hold;
  • Measure and cut a piece of porch screen large enough to accommodate the gap;
  • Seal all of the sides with silicone putty;
  • Lay the patch on top of the opening;
  • Wipe the silicone sealant that has come loose from the corners using a hand towel or perhaps an old cloth.

How do you even get Corrosion and Molding out Of Your Pool Screen Cover? 

There are two types of techniques to just get rust and fungus out of your pool screen cover. The very first approach would be to use a water hose with an extendable tip to access the screen panels’ topmost joints. Make sure you do not splash the pool screen. The majority of power washers have the tendency to punch holes in the pool screen. A better option is to refill plastic containers or bug sprayers with bleach or chlorine acquired from a pool equipment store or a retail department shop.


Is fixing the pool screen top worth the effort? Yes, on some occasions, especially if the impairment is not quite as evident and destructive. Yet, fixes are not enough based on the extent of damage on the pool screen. Analyze and evaluate how severely the surface of the pool screen cover has deteriorated. The more faults there are, the more challenging it would be to get along without trying to make it look awful. In several situations, just replacing the pool screens will work.

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