When the dream of owning your own home is already close to fulfillment, you don’t want to wait extra months at all. In this case, it is very easy to fall for the bait of managers who glorify rapid construction technologies. If you have the same desire in earning money you can proceed to 22Bet and test your luck there.

     And in fact, in just a month or two, you will have a luxurious house that is in no way inferior to brick monolithic ones. And you will spend much less money. Is it so?

Quick Construction Technologies

       Companies that offer construction of a house in a month most often use the technology of frame or panel construction. In short, the frame of the house is made of wood or metal and then filled with slabs or insulated panels.

       Managers promise good sound and heat insulation, durability, and speed of construction. It is difficult to refuse such a gift, and even a budget one.

      If you decide to build a frame house, then it would be nice to understand all the small details in such construction from the choice of material to the laying of hidden wiring. There are many moments you should pay attention to and each of them can make you regret choosing a quick option for building a house.

Choose The Right Material

        For the frame of the house, it is necessary to find dry and high-quality wood, which is actually not so much. Wet wood will provide you with fungus in the house, and can also shrink during operation. It is necessary to ensure that the wood is treated with special solutions against rotting, fire, and parasites.

        All other materials that are so widely used in the West like waterproofing materials, special insulation for plates, and many others are either not available in some countries or are much more expensive than there because of the logistics. 

Quality Work

       Even a small problem caused by workers in the process of creating a frame wall can backfire on you in big trouble. Before installing drywall, it is important to check the integrity of the vapor barrier. If it is damaged, then the insulation will gradually collapse.

     If you do not track all the working moments, then the frame house will be short-lived and of poor quality. The best choice is to turn to the proven technology of monolithic construction.

Brick and monolithic houses are the best options for different countries. In this case, no one will promise you to build a house in a month, the terms will be somewhat higher. But the finished house will be durable, reliable, and easily inherited by your grandchildren!


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