In this busy hectic world, were all deserve a break once in a while. During that break, several people plan to go on a trip. If you are also one is such people and planning to play a visit to Chandigarh as your trip, then make sure to go through this whole article. Have you already made up your mind about where to pay visits in Chandigarh? You can evenfind affordable hotels near chandigarh railway stations. Mention below is some of the places that you must visit if you plan to go on a trip to Chandigarh.

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  • Sukhna Lake:Sukhna lake in Chandigarh, which is tucked away at the base of the Shivalik Hills, is gorgeous. Sukhna Lake, which covers an area of 3 sq. km., is the only artificial lake of its kind in the city. It was built in 1958 by damming the cyclical SukhnaChoe that streams from the Shivalik Hills. The lake’s crystal-clear blue water attracts a steady stream of early-morning runners and pedestrians who may also take in the cool breeze. Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh, the first organized city in India, declared that this lake would serve as the focal point for locals’ wellness activities. People who walk and run to get their exercise frequently use the walkway located in front of the lake. Additionally, it features one of the longest rowing lanes in the nation, which serves as the venue for the Asian Rowing Championships. Going on a leisurely boat cruise on Sukhna Lake is the finest approach to take pleasure from the experience. You can rent a sailboat for one person or two people for between INR 50 and INR 100. It is a must place for tourists to visit during their tour in Chandigarh.
  • Rock Garden: The Rock Garden, a significant outdoor exhibition space in Sector 1 in Chandigarh, is home to sculptures created from industrial and municipal trash that was imagined and created by Nek Chand, a retired road examiner in the city. It is a must-see sight and is situated between the renowned Sukhna Lake and the Capitol Building. This enormous 40-acre landscape also referred to as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is a vibrant combination of artwork and monuments. If you’re taking a vehicle, the rock garden is located at Uttar Marg in Sector 1—1.5 kilometers from Sukhna Lake. In addition, buses and auto rickshaws are readily accessible. Three distinct phases with various installations and decorations each make up the exhibition space of Rock Garden. Wandering through every stage, which deals with various installations, is a real treat. The artist, Mr. Nek Chand, has reinvented craft and design using materials like broken toilet pots, light fittings, and terracotta pots! Officer Nek Chand developed the Rock Garden by himself in his leisure moments in 1957, and it has since stood as a testament to creativity and originality in the city. The Chandigarh Rock Garden, which contains a total of over 5,000 statues, is a prime illustration of “Best From Waste.”
  • Rose Garden: A flowering showcase with about 825 different flower variations and 32,500 different tree and medicinal shrub variations can be found in Chandigarh’s sector 16. This area is known as the Rose Garden. This paradise, which is also called ZakirHussain Rose Garden just after the previous Indian president, is stretched out over 30 acres and is decorated with an incredible array of flowers, rendering it fairly well-liked among visitors and those who enjoy the outdoors. The Rose Graden in Chandigarh is best visited between both the months of February and March when the flowers are at their peak of blooming. Under the direction of the First Chief Commissioner, MS Randhawa, it was constructed in 1967 and is the biggest garden of its sort in Asia. The garden’s greatest notable components are its trees and medicinal herbs. It is the ideal location for a pleasant stroll and relaxation because it was expertly and properly planted. When the blooms are in full bloom throughout February and March, the Rose Garden is a beauty to behold. The existence of the foggy views of the mountains and a stunning fountain that glows with bright lights at night only serves to emphasize the attractiveness of this garden. The Rose Garden is among the most visited tourist destinations in Chandigarh due to its serene ambiance and natural beauty.
  • Government Museum and Art Gallery: One of India’s most renowned museums that discusses the history of India and the Partition is the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh. The museum, which opened its doors in August 1947, is renowned for its vast collection of sculptors, artworks, and antiquities. Furthermore, Le Corbusier’s distinctive architecture is widely regarded. The museum was opened by Dr. MS Randhawa, who was Lahore’s chief commissioner at the time, on May 6, 1968. Through the presentation of its extensive collection and creative programming, this museum seeks to promote appreciation of the ideals inherent in art and integrate it into people’s daily lives. It offers a glimpse of the Shivalik hills in the background and is situated in the town’s core. It can provide you with in-depth information on the areas of Pahari and Rajasthani miniature paintings, as well as Gandharan sculptures.
  • Pinjore Gardens: In the Haryana city of Pinjore’sPanchkula district, there is a stunning Mughal garden called Pinjore Gardens that dates back to the 17th century. The garden is a lovely location to relax with the environment in the ever-expanding concrete city, covering a vast area of 100 acres. The Pinjore Garden also referred to as Yadvinder Garden, is renowned throughout the world for its meticulously kept vegetation, cool fountains, and captivating water features. The Pinjore Gardens attracts visitors from all around the world who want to witness this Mughal marvel that India is extremely proud of and has meticulously preserved. A beautiful example of Indian terrace gardens is Pinjore Gardens. The yearly Mango Festival is held at the Garden during April and June throughout Baisakhi. Along with a wide area of lovely plants, it also has a small zoo, a section for historic sites, a tranquil Japanese garden, a magnificent nursery, and various areas for picnics. Therefore, the Gardens have enough for both children and adults. Several people think that while they were in banishment, the Pandava brothers relaxed there for a while. The grounds are best explored in the late afternoon or early evening. Following dusk, the whole garden is illuminated, totally altering the atmosphere.


When you are visiting a lovely place like Chandigarh, no one would want to miss out on the most beautiful sightseeing spot. You can even find affordablehotels near chandigarh railway station. Apart from the places mentioned above, there are some more places that you can visit like the Sector 17 Market, International Dolls Museum, and many more. Don’t just wait, come pay a visit to Chandigarh and make your mind go bloom with its beauty.

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