It is amazing that it takes 43 muscles to perform the simplest function…smiling. A smile is a wonderful gesture that elicits happiness and disarms others. Since it is such a powerful expression, it can be devastating when we lose confidence in our smile and try to hide it from others for whatever reason.

No one should ever feel ashamed to show off their smile to others because they are disguising their emotions by doing so. Everyone should feel the freedom to smile without being embarrassed or concerned about how they look.

If you are unhappy with the state of your teeth and find yourself stifling your smile, there are a few solutions that could help restore confidence in your smile.

Investing in Tooth Care

The best way to protect your teeth from damage, and therefore a smile that you may not want to share with others, is to take care of them. This means brushing your teeth every day and even flossing to remove bacteria from between them. Brushing your teeth regularly is not enough to protect them from damage, you also have to do it correctly. Instead of moving the brush back and forth, as most people do, move it in circles. Also, make sure that you spend adequate time brushing your teeth. 30 seconds is not enough for a thorough cleaning. The more time you spend caring for your teeth, the better chance you have of maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

The Right Diet

Some foods are great for oral health while others are detrimental. The right diet can prevent tooth decay and maintain the beauty of your smile. A high-sugar diet can lead to a buildup of plaque, which breaks down the protective layer of enamel on your teeth and can cause yellowing or tooth decay. On the opposite side, foods with important nutrients like vitamin C can benefit your body’s health, particularly your teeth. A balanced diet is the best way to care for overall wellness, and providing your teeth with essential vitamins and minerals is crucial to protecting a vibrant smile.

Teeth Whitening

For some individuals, it may be too late for the above suggestions to reverse the yellowing of teeth, but there are ways to restore your smile to the desired look. You could start to use whitening toothpaste, which can have a small but positive effect on the coloring of your teeth. You can also invest in whitening strips, which are a popular and unobtrusive product meant to restore teeth that are yellow to a whiter shade. Additionally, many dentists offer teeth whitening procedures for more extreme cases of yellowing, causing many patients who hid their smiles out of embarrassment to display them once again. Speak with a professional about their teeth-whitening services to find out more.

Fake Teeth

In some cases, tooth decay has reached a point where someone may not have all of their adult teeth left. In this scenario, there are plenty of beautiful fake teeth solutions that can restore a person’s smile as well as their confidence. These products look just as real as normal teeth, so you can continue to flash that smile around others with no need to feel ashamed. Whether you want to get partial/full dentures, fixed bridges, dental implants, or snap-on veneers, you can regain confidence in your smile with these solutions available.

Avoid Bad Habits

This goes along with a healthy diet and tooth care practices. There are a few bad habits, outside of dietary choices, that can be detrimental to their health. Smoking is an unhealthy habit for overall health, but it can also cause extreme tooth decay and mouth cancer. Smoking will also cause severe yellowing or even other discolorations. Substantial alcohol consumption can also cause poor oral health, including tooth decay and gum diseases. Alcohol can dry out the mouth and slow saliva production, which can cause these health issues. Try to avoid habits like smoking, drinking lots of alcohol, and chewing tobacco to maintain the condition of your teeth for a healthier and brighter smile.

What Solution Will Restore Confidence?

Some of these ideas for obtaining a vibrant smile are preventative while others are restorative. If you are proud of your smile, then take care of it now with better oral care practices, healthy diet choices, and avoiding bad habits like smoking or drinking.

If your smile is in a condition that causes you to hide it from others, consider the solutions that can restore your confidence in your smile. Try teeth whitening strategies with whitening toothpaste or a dental procedure, (after speaking with your dentist of course). If you are missing teeth from previous damage, consider what solutions could restore your full smile such as veneers, implants, or dentures. Do not let the condition of your teeth control your confidence any longer. Instead, seek out solutions to restore the smile that you are proud to display to others.

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