People often have different interests and passions in their life. For instance, you might enjoy writing short stories and poetry in your free time, but you know that most writers struggle to make ends meet through their writing endeavors alone. Subsequently, you might also have a part-time or full-time job to supplement your income, allowing you to focus on your creative endeavors. 

It is no secret that most reality TV stars often have nothing else they can pivot to because their abilities and skill sets are limited. Most reality TV stars have barely finished their GCSEs before debuting on TV screens nationwide. As a result, it has also led people to attribute negative connotations to reality TV. Most people consider reality TV lowbrow entertainment.

That’s where Roxanne Hamedi enters the picture. Her life story is equally interesting and remarkable because it highlights humans as multi-dimensional and multi-faceted individuals with various layers to their personalities. You might recognize her if you’re a fan of one of the UK’s most popular reality TV shows, Geordie Shore. She appeared in the show’s 22nd season. 

However, it’s important to understand Roxanne as a person before delving into her reality TV career. Born to Persian parents in Aberdeen, Scotland, Roxanne Hamedi is a 29-year-old bilingual pharmacist who speaks both English and Persian. She made her reality TV debut in 2021 when she was 27, but her career before that was a whole other story. 

As a child, she was always interested in helping others. A selfless individual, she became fascinated with becoming a pharmacist. Thus, her journey began, requiring her to spend five years at university before obtaining a master’s degree that would allow her to practice as a licensed pharmacist. After graduating, she moved to London to live with her ex-boyfriend. The pair split up shortly after. Instead of moving back home, she decided to continue pursuing her career in London, the heart of England, because opportunities were abundant and the city’s bright lights were too enticing to forego. 

Then, one day, a TV scout approached her on Instagram with a fairly innocuous question, “Was she single, and did she like to party?” Of course, like most young people in their twenties, she responded affirmatively. But, little did she know, this moment would change her life. 

A few Zoom calls occurred to assess her suitability for national TV further. She was then invited to MTV Studios in London to meet with executives and producers. Till this time, she didn’t know what show she was being considered for or how the producers planned to utilize her. Nonetheless, she was ecstatic to learn she would be on Geordie Shore. 

A few weeks later, she packed her bags and traveled to Newcastle from London in a taxi, quarantining for two weeks before filming began. The filming would last four weeks through the summer of 2021. Eventually, Geordie Shore’s 22nd season aired. It was called the “Hot Single Summer,” where original cast members would go into the house and meet regular people, also called singles. Roxanne Hamedi was one of them. She struck up a connection with James Tindale, becoming the only single to spend the entirety of the show in the house. The pair also briefly dated after the show ended until Tindale was exposed for having a girlfriend. 

Things might not have worked out for the pair. However, appearing on Geordie Shore allowed Roxanne Hamedi to show a different side of herself. Her appearance was well received, and she was invited for a reunion show during the show’s 23rd season. She has also returned to working as a full-time pharmacist, but she believes the future is full of opportunities, which excites her. 

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