Most people don’t make adjustments to their vehicles. They’ll replace the tires when they wear out and change the lights. But they’ll refrain from modifying their vehicles. However, on the other hand, there are car enthusiasts who just love tweaking and modifying their cars. As a result, a large car aftermarket styling sector exists. But those within the industry know where the market is headed. It’s chasing increasing margins and lower quality. Some car enthusiasts within the industry had a dream to change that mentality. Hence, they decided to take matters into their own hands and take the sector’s standard to new heights. Keeping this in mind, RW Carbon was formed to allow car lovers to modify their vehicles as per their needs.

RW Carbon was established by Eric and Matt when they were in college. The company came to fruition in 2013 as they discussed their interest in the automotive industry and how they wished to improve the aftermarket sector. After a mere nine years in business, the company has become one of the industry leaders. It started from a 400-square-foot attic in Pomona, CA. Today, the organization has a large factory overseas and a 5500-square-foot facility in Anaheim, CA. The company manufactures, sells, and installs carbon fiber aero pieces, shipping them globally.

Starting the venture wasn’t easy, as Eric and Matt had to juggle their part-time jobs and education since they were both still college students. However, they persevered through the arduous times to reach where they are today. Various factors have contributed to the company’s growth. But most loyal customers cite the company’s customer support, product knowledge, quality products, and highly functional website as the primary reasons for their success. But exponential growth is often accompanied by some drawbacks. RW Carbon has grown at an unprecedented pace, which resulted in a market demand that has grown considerably over the years.

Sustained success has also helped RW Carbon develop a stellar reputation. In fact, the company has been featured on the world-famous BMW blog and Bimmerpost multiple times. This is not all! RW Carbon also takes its internal operations seriously, and hence, it has in-house installations, order fulfillment, media, SEO optimization, marketing, and product development teams. It’s also worth noting that although Eric and Matt started RW Carbon a decade ago, the car enthusiast duo has been in the industry for over 15 years with considerable experience and knowledge about the market’s inner machinations.

The company’s team has a common interest they collectively work toward – their love of cars. They can often be found doing laps at their favorite tracks, meeting with fellow car enthusiasts at shows, or driving their favorite canyon roads. This passion means the company’s staff understands the importance of getting a perfect product. Hence, they always handpick each product before shipping it.

In addition, the company also has another unique strategy. It offers installation on every single item sold. It differs from the industry standard because most people within the sector drop ship products from Asia and don’t offer installation. On the flip side, RW Carbon ships from Anaheim, CA, and offers local pickup and installation for all customers from surrounding areas. The company also stocks thousands of items and checks their quality before shipping. Thus, they’re the perfect choice for customers seeking Euro applications, especially for BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Ferrari vehicles.

Their strategy has yielded significant dividends because RW Carbon has become experts at producing top-notch carbon fiber and understanding how to reach its target audience. As a result, it’s unsurprising that the company has a high rating on all online platforms, like Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

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