Using a time card to record the working hour of an employee is normal in current society. The time clock calculator automatically records the hour of the employee by simply scanning the information on the card. The work of the calculator is to record the time between the starting hour and the ending hour of the employee’s work.

These calculations do not include unpaid leaves and vacations. Using this calculator, a company can easily decide the wages of any employee, making sure they do not have any trouble. Businesses and industries use this system to understand the working hours of employees to make sure they are not cheating the system for extra wages.

What is a Time Card?

A time card is a software or physical-based information card used to specify a person’s identity. People have used time cards since old times to pay attention to the working condition of the employees properly. Using the detailed record of the card, people determine what amount of wage an employee should receive.

Because of the advancement of technology, companies use thumb scanners to identify a person during job hours. The thumb scanner records the attendance of a person and a complete record that a company later uses to pay a worker’s wage.

The Change from Old Machines

In old times when the use of computers was too small, punch cards were used by industries to physically record the information of the starting and end of their shifts. The punch card punches the time of shift when a time card is inserted into it during the starting and end of the shifts. The extra machine then calculates the difference between the working hours to calculate the wages.

The time card and timesheet are in the form of software. This software uses different identification devices to calculate the starting and end hours of the shift. Different types of scanners are used to determine a person’s identity, which calculates the hour time. These can be thumb and retina scanners, but the most used are card scanners.

The Benefits of the Time Card Calculator

Time cards reduce the human resource department of a company since they do not have to manually calculate employee time and payroll processes. The calculators for time cards can be easily installed on devices like MAC, desktops, window tablets, or laptops. Following are some benefits that the card calculator provides.

Save Time and Money

The card calculator can reduce the load on multiple levels of a company. The main focus is on the human resource department that handles the payroll of employees of the company. With the calculator, all the records are done by the software allowing the department to focus on more important company tasks.

As they do not have to worry about the part of the recording and tracking of data, they can properly focus on what they were hired to do.

Error Reduction

No matter their knowledge, humans are prone to make mistakes at some time. They are not machines and will get tired at some point. This tiredness will cause an error to occur during work. The card calculator uses different software to record the time of an employee’s shift. Since the data is inserted in software, the data can be compiled and used to calculate the wages.

When making calculations by hand, simple misplacing of the decimal can disrupt the entire process of pay distribution. People must be given wages according to their time and effort, so errors by hand can disrupt the working of a business and bring you and your business a loss.

The card calculator will not have any such errors because of the method used to enter the data. This entitles an employee to earn for their work and time properly.

Compliance Engagement

Employees know how important it is for them to arrive at work on time. Since the process of recording the working hours is easy and cannot be altered by employees, they have to adhere to the law and rules set by the company. Business owners use this system to record the overtime hours of employees to record their contributions to the company. In return, they reward them properly.

Stopping Time Theft

In the past, people used to take advantage of the system by having their friends misrecord their work time. Taking longer coffee breaks or lunch breaks than the allotted time of the company. The use of a card calculator stops the process of time theft in its tracks, helping you manage the employees without any problem.


The use of a time clock calculator is encouraged by business owners because this brings out compliance from the employees. The recording of data in the form of software helps in reducing any error that may occur when calculations are done by human hands.

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