Whether a small shop owner or a supermarket chain, you have limited space to store your products. That’s why it’s essential to utilise every inch of your storage area as efficiently as possible. The good news is that supermarkets have been doing this for years, and it’s not just about how they pack their shelves (although that’s an important part!).

Supermarket shelving can be a critical way to utilise your unused spaces. Read this article to find out more:

Space Saving Shelves

When it comes to storage solutions for your store, the most important thing to understand is that many different types of shelving are available. Depending on your business and the type of products you sell, you may need a kind of shelving more than another.

And some common types of shelving include:

  • Pallet racks: made from metal or wood and used to stack goods on top of each other to save space
  • Shelves with hooks or clips: these can be hung from ceilings and walls so that products can be placed on them at any height. This is great for displaying items such as jewellery, purses or scarves if you don’t have much floor space available in your store.

Making Use of Wall Space

There are many uses for wall space in retail stores and supermarkets. Here are a few examples:

Non-perishable items like books, tools and electronics can be placed on walls, so they don’t take up valuable floor space. This is especially useful if you run out of stock and need extra space to display more products.

Items that don’t need to be in stock can be displayed on the wall behind a counter or cash register. This will free up floor space for customers to stand or walk around your shop comfortably as they wait for their turn to purchase something from your store.

Floor-Mounted Gondola Shelving

You can use gondola shelving to display your products. Gondola shelving is a good way of saving space and makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Get More for Your Money

If you’re looking to optimise storage in your store, why not try shelving solutions like supermarkets? They offer a variety of different shelf types and sizes so that you can find the best option for your business. These include:

  • Tall shelves – perfect for storing large items like bottles or cans
  • Short shelves – ideal for storing smaller products such as packets or cans
  • Free-standing racks – ideal for organising small items such as accessories and tools

The impact of such shelves on consumer behaviour is found to be positive.

An Excellent Way to Save Space in Your Store

Many supermarket shelf systems can help you save space, but one of the most effective is floor-mounted gondola shelving. This storage takes up less floor space than traditional free-standing shelves and uses wall space for the front-facing display area. The result? More products on offer for your customers at a better price!

You may also want to consider using wall-mounted stainless steel trolleys or chiller cabinets to help keep your food fresh and ready to sell when it comes time to open shop each day.

Overall, supermarket shelving is an excellent way to save space in your store. It helps you organise your products and maximise profits. Several online retailers provide a complete range of such solutions.

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