Life as an artist isn’t easy, therefore, TAU stresses on the importance of having gratitude. An artist who likes to use oil colors in his paintings, TAU combines several worlds together, which includes cubism, abstract, impressionism, etc. The name originated from TAU’s love for astronomy, the universe, and space. In fact, the name is symbolic of a blue star found in the Scorpio constellation with a luminosity 1350 times greater than our sun’s. The more this Cubism-abstract artist read about it, the more mesmerized he became. In addition to that, it seemed like the perfect alias for his art because his zodiac sign is also Scorpio. As a result, everything flowed together seamlessly to create the perfect storm.

However, things were not a bed of roses for the painter and he learned about the importance of gratitude the hard way. In 2010, he started a new organization with lofty ambitions and a twinkle in his eye. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. A few years later, he had no choice but to shut down the company and enter bankruptcy proceedings. Anyone who has undergone bankruptcy proceedings will tell you it’s an extremely challenging time. TAU himself refers to it as ‘the lowest point in his life.’

It was during this time, that he found a book called, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Reading it was a transformative experience for him as he learned about gratitude and appreciating the positives in life. TAU credits this book for changing and saving his life because once he accepted what had happened to him, the past no longer loomed over his head like a huge shadow. It allowed him to be free. More importantly, letting go of the past also allowed him to dictate what he wanted from the universe – in the present and the future.

As a result of his experiences, TAU claims that gratefulness is the most important tool for anyone. It allows them to receive more from the universe because gratitude is the universe’s language. He believes that it enables you to relish and cherish the things in your life. This appreciation is necessary because it allows you to live and be happy in the present. The artist credits such small moments as pivotal in helping him push harder to fulfill his personal goals and aspirations.

Apart from that, the Cubism-abstract painter considers being appreciative is important because his life used to be filled with regrets. He has experienced significant losses in life, losing loved ones, good friends, business opportunities, etc.  However, he claims that painting is his saving grace because it has helped him get rid of those regrets.

TAU believes gratitude is particularly important for artists because it gives them creative energy. This energy is only obtainable when you accept what you have with open arms and thank the universe for it. People often debate about how ideas form in our heads. Some believe ideas exist on a metaphysical plane that people can tap into concurrently. Whether you subscribe to this theory or not, the reality is that ideas pop into our heads like magic.

When it comes to artists, they will often pick up a paintbrush and start painting, laying strokes on the canvas on autopilot. They have no idea where they’re going or how they got there, but they end up pleased with the results anyway. He stresses on the fact that you must thank the universe, be grateful, and cherish the process to obtain this magic.

Currently TAU doesn’t present his works in galleries. He confines himself to his studio and works meticulously on his art. However, he has over 30 paintings he plans to publish on social networks. Moreover, he has received multiple offers for his paintings, but he doesn’t feel ready to join the commercial world of art as yet.

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