Entertaining large crowds at your event can be challenging. However, engaging and getting them interested is crucial to ensure that the crowd goes berserk during your event’s most captivating moments.

One of the most crucial aspects of music is capturing a live audience’s attention. It requires years of practice and an inherent skill that not everyone possesses. But, whether you are a singer, DJ, or an instrumentalist, if you know the art of making the audience crazy, you are well on your way to becoming a music sensation in the music industry.

A catchy hook and a slick bassline can help cultivate the audience’s interest during live performances. It’s an essential part of being a live performer because your chances of becoming a successful musician increase drastically if your audience enjoys the music you are playing.

Red Cube is the top music production company on the West Coast. It’s responsible for hosting the largest electronic music events in Portland and Eugene. The company has cultivated a stellar reputation with its energetic performers, highly talented roster of resident DJs, and pursuit of boundary-pushing music, engaging the crowd so that they enjoy every moment of the show and hopefully come back to watch again. Paul Song aims to get the public to go crazy to reciprocate their energy to the event.

The founder of Red Cube Productions, Paul Song, was introduced to the underground rave scene in the late 90s by attending his first warehouse party. He immediately fell in love with what the culture and community had to offer. A year later, he wanted to pursue a DJ career and decided to produce his own event to open up for his favorite artists under the moniker DJ Icey. Eventually, On August 9th, 2003, Red Cube was born. And the first event was a big hit, hitting the club’s capacity in an hour. Paul saw so many smiles and all the people enjoying dancing to music. At the night’s end, a few strangers approached him and thanked him for organizing the event they needed. This experience filled Paul’s heart with love and appreciation. After this night, Red Cube Productions continued to book more events; it hasn’t stopped since then.

While engaging audiences can be challenging, Red Cube knows how to pull the audience with its electrifying music. After all, the company has produced over 2000 events and sold nearly 10 million dollars in ticket revenue. In addition, 2023 will be the company’s 20th anniversary. In May of 2016, Red Cube opened its own venue called 45 East, now the premier 21+ dance music venue in Oregon, booking over 150+ events a year. 

Since its inception in 2003, Red Cube has seen success event after event and only seeks to outdo each past success with something new, something bigger, something better. And it continues to make the crowd crazy with its energetic events.

One thing is sure that Red Cube events are a massive attraction for audiences as the company strives to create and offer safe events with top-notch production quality and international artists. As a result, people can gather with their friends and family to enjoy seeing their favorite artists and dance to music, a universal language that allows diverse people to connect. But this success has not been achieved instantly. It has taken Red Cube two decades to reach this level. To become confident and competent at engaging an audience, practice your songs, practice routines, and practice performing. The more you do it, the better you will become at engaging your audience.


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