Rolex watches

Rolex produces some of the most prestigious watches in the world. They are recognized as icons throughout the ages. Whether you are looking to gift yourself to mark an achievement, or to reward someone special, a Rolex watch is a perfect choice as it is synonymous with quality, reliability, and prestige. Known the world over for their enduring qualities, these timepieces are often passed down from one generation to the next. Being a Rolex, makes it more exceptional.

A brief glimpse of how Rolex came to be…

In 1905, Hans Wilsdorf set up “Wilsdorf and Davies” in London to distribute quality timepieces throughout the British Empire. To convince the public of the reliability of his timepieces, he started to equip his watches with precise movements, small enough to fit in a wristwatch’s case.  In 1908, Hans Wilsdorf came up with the name “Rolex”, registered it as a brand name in Switzerland, and the company has endeavored to pursue the development of elegant and reliable wristwatches since then. Today, Rolex is a revered manufacturer of mechanical wristwatches seen on the wrists of discerning world leaders, global celebrities, and influential pioneers who made history with Rolex as their companion tool watch.

Buying A Rolex Watch

Ask anyone who may have visited the official Rolex website ( and they may tell you to visit a Rolex authorized dealer too. Rolex offers an impressive range of 14 total Classic and Professional watch models to suit any wrist, and there are several hundreds of different configurations to find the perfect watch and to enhance one’s timepiece collection.

The Official Rolex plaque displayed in-store or on the retailer’s website establishes the authenticity of an Official Rolex Retailer.

It greatly helps to have a Rolex advisor guide you as you explore the collections (, as they can explain intricate details of the heritage, qualities, and pricing of each model for you to make an informed decision.

Some examples are:

“Which size from the Date just collection is better for me?” The answer to that can be more easily revealed after you try on certain models displayed for exhibition purposes. Feel free to ask your Rolex advisor for help!

“Does it come with a green dial?” Playing with the model configurator tool on the official Rolex product webpages helps, but sometimes, you may get quicker access to information by speaking with a trained member of staff whose familiar with horological lingo.

Moreover, after you have purchased your Rolex, advisors can also share information that may help you plan for servicing requirements, to help keep your watch in great condition!

Servicing your watch

You did not think that you needed to skip servicing for a mechanical watch that is strapped onto your wrist, did you?

Rolex produces reliable and durable watches, and regardless of the lifestyle of the wearer, an extensive after-sales service network is established worldwide to maintain their watches to the highest standards, ready for when the wristwatch is to be inherited by the next generation, to live multiple lives! Furthermore, after every completion of service, your Rolex will be covered by a Service Guarantee, offering peace of mind.

When your Rolex watch needs attention, you can count on the vast network of Rolex Official Retailers, such as Woo Hing Brothers ( to guide you.

Winding up the watch, the emotions…

A perspective of the notion of a mechanical watch being ‘connected’ to its wearer adds to the appeal of having an enduring timepiece to award someone. The wearer powers a Rolex through the movement of the wrist throughout the day, and the self-winding of the Perpetual movement means that there is no need to wind a Rolex if it is worn daily), Many collectors often quipped that they wouldn’t dare sell a watch if it was gifted or inherited. They go as far as claiming that they sometimes feel the presence of their significant other, simply by putting on the watch and observing it in action, and thus highlighting its emotional, and sentimental value. Knowing that the Rolex watch you put on your wrist still keeps time just as well as when your father got it for his first promotion – it’s priceless.

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