The fitness industry has evolved drastically over the past few years. Today, people are more inclined to go to the gym, have a personal trainer, and pay greater attention to their physical fitness. It’s probably why mega gym chains from the 70s and 80s persist. However, one thing that has changed is that today’s consumers want a more personal and intimate experience. Instead of just doing what everyone else is doing in the gym or following the same generic diet, people seek a customized experience that works for them. 

Personal training is the answer to the modern consumer’s evolving needs. Not only has it proven to be more effective, but it also has the personal touch that most people desire. Katy Unruh is a fitness trainer and health coach who truly comprehends this change. She has been a fitness trainer for over 25 years and has seen the fitness world evolve before her eyes. But no matter how drastically the industry changes, her goal remains unchanged – to make people achieve their dream bodies and feel more confident in their own skin. 

Born in Brandon, Manitoba, Katherine Louse Unruh, more popularly known as Katy, was part of an army family. Growing up as an army brat meant she had discipline instilled in her from an early age. However, things were always tumultuous at home, and she never got along with her family, prompting her to leave home at 17. Since then, she has worked hard to support herself, including working two jobs immediately after leaving home. Eventually, seeking a better life, she obtained a Fitness and Nutrition degree from the University of Montreal. After graduating, she worked in a hospital’s dietetics department. However, her true passion lay elsewhere. 

Katy’s inspiration for becoming a fitness trainer and health coach stems from problems she has encountered herself. Fitness training was paramount in assisting her to overcome her battle with anorexia. Regular exercise also helped her overcome C-PTSD and childhood trauma and saved her life from lupus. Believe it or not, her foray into fitness and nutrition completely turned her life around. Her own experiences were also the spark Katy needed to understand her life’s mission – helping people overcome their struggles and demons. It also prompted her to pursue fitness training and health coaching as a career. 

Today, Katy has been a part of the FabOver40 contest; a global competition hosted by the New Beauty Magazine that celebrates fabulous women aged forty or above. She truly believes that beauty and elegance have no age limit. Moreover, she is also an international bikini athlete who has participated in several competitions and won many medals, most notably being an IFBB Masters Pro. With countless accomplishments in the fitness industry, Katy has now launched her line of protein bars, Katy’s Kookies. Talking about her protein bar business, “I have been in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for a while. My experience triggered my passion for bringing a high-performance protein bar to people who want to stay fit and healthy and meet their goals.” 

Being in the industry for over two decades, she has also had the opportunity to work with big names, including MMA fighters. She has achieved amazing success with all of them. “My success rate is as good as the client,” Katy emphasizes. “I’ve helped a pro-golfer with chronic neck and back pain by training him to play left-handed, extending his longevity. As a result, he’s still winning today,” she adds. 

Katy Unruh has helped countless people get in good shape with her brilliant fitness training, carefully planned meals, and nutrition guidance. She has seen the fitness industry evolve and been a part of it. However, over the years, her undying passion for fitness and willingness to learn something new every time has remained constant. Katy continues to inspire people, especially women, every day. She is also writing a book that details her journey and hopes to publish it soon. After all, the future of the fitness industry is open to all kinds of possibilities, and Katy is here for it!

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