How artists release music has considerably changed because of the internet. These days artists no longer need labels to distribute their music to the masses. Instead, they can independently release music on most major distribution platforms by clicking a single button. While this paradigm shift has improved things for artists, allowing them to gain more visibility and creative freedom, it has also caused some problems. The change has resulted in music of varying quality flooding the internet. In addition, it has become difficult for listeners to find artists who create music with real substance.

Michael Nunez, more popularly known as L-OH-L, is a versatile rapper who has gained considerable recognition for his musical ability in the past few years. However, what has endeared him to listeners isn’t his ability to spit bars on the microphone. Instead, it’s because he’s got a fascinating story to share with the people. He hails from Lake Charles, LA, but he wasn’t always a musician. He’s an army veteran who served his country honorably during the Iraq war. Unfortunately, his time in the military also left him disabled.

Serving in the military is never easy, especially for active personnel deployed on the frontline. Witnessing the harsh realities of war can change a person, causing them to become disillusioned with life, and Michael Nunez experienced this first-hand. Moreover, things were especially difficult for him because his injury also left him disabled, which took time to accept and understand.

As a result, L-OH-L had to walk a dark path before he finally attained inner peace. But the process wasn’t easy. Upon returning from Iraq, he found himself treading down a dangerous road as he engaged in nefarious acts, stealing and partaking in substance abuse. Things deteriorated to the point that he also became temporarily homeless. It’s worth mentioning that he was still making music during this period. He made multiple singles, one of which even ended up on FM radio and received significant play in clubs and venues.

But, unfortunately, he couldn’t get out of his own way. Firstly, his success would cause him to become prideful. Then, he would go broke or get hooked on drugs and would skip out on recording sessions and disappear. This cycle would continue endlessly. Moreover, he was surrounded by the wrong people who would try to exploit him. Finally, his chosen circle led him to a life of gang-banging. Things would proceed this way until he was incarcerated in 2018.

Most people would consider incarceration the worst experience of their lives. However, L-OH-L considers it a blessing that changed his life. After all, he states, “I was a terrible human being prior to my incarceration: an addict, deadbeat dad, thief, and murderer. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. I only had money on my mind. Fortunately, going to prison was the best thing to happen to me because I found God when I was in a cell. He found me at my lowest point and changed my heart, helping me become a better person.”

Thus, a prison sentence was a turning point for this talented musician. The experience of finding God in a cell also prompted him to denounce his secular music as trash. Instead, he found a new purpose in life. He realized that the gospel was real and that only God could save anybody. As a result, he decided to focus his energy on making gospel music. Today, L-OH-L creates music for recovering addicts, thieves, and those who have lost their way. The music doesn’t connect with those who have lived cushy lives. But those who have lived rough lives understand his message.

An amazing songwriter with a highly lyrical style, versatile rapper L-OH-L hopes to spread God’s message through his latest EP, I’m On It. The EP has two guest appearances: Xay Hill and Mitch Darrell. But, more importantly, it has an incredibly straightforward message. Repent and believe in God’s gospel because Jesus will return one day, and we must all be ready for that moment.

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