How do you actually appear more likable? We have 5 tips for you, with which you immediately collect sympathy points with your fellow men. Or you can just brag about having the 20Bet app.

Did you know that even small changes in conversation can make you instantly more likable? And best of all, anyone can make these adjustments easily! Because they don’t depend on looks or intelligence, for example. We’ll tell you five things you can do to make your conversation partner like you.


#1 Be a good listener

It takes two to make a conversation! And that’s exactly what you can do. Many people like to talk about themselves. Listen carefully and then actively ask questions, respond to what is being said and encourage the other person to tell you more.

Of course, you shouldn’t pester the other person with questions – this isn’t an interrogation, after all. But a good flow of conversation will be remembered positively by the other person.

#2 Pay attention to your body language

Even if it’s not always easy, try to consciously adapt your body language to the conversation. It looks more likeable to others if you seek eye contact, lean forward toward the other person during the conversation, and maintain a friendly facial expression.

Of course, the whole thing should come across as natural, and that can take some practice. You can start, for example, by not folding your arms during the conversation or smiling more often. Try it out!

#3 Stay fully present

When you’re talking to someone, make sure you’re really paying attention to the person you’re talking to. Constantly looking at your cell phone or letting your eyes wander across the room sends a signal: The conversation is not important to you.

It’s best to leave your cell phone in your pocket. On the one hand, this is more respectful, and on the other, you won’t accidentally get distracted. You’ll see: Small talk works much better that way! It also makes you look more confident.

#4 Find the right words

Let’s face it: We all like to get compliments now and then. And that’s exactly how you can gain some sympathy. Of course, you shouldn’t butter anyone up – that can quickly come across as dishonest – but a sincere compliment is always well received.

Also very nice: praising others in a larger group. Did your colleague really help you with a project the other day? Then say so publicly, not just privately! Honest recognition and appreciation make you more likable.

#5 Do some brain jogging

When you meet someone for the first time, try to memorize their name and use it in conversation later. This is both polite and a good way to get the other person’s attention.

At the same time, using your name also makes the person you’re talking to feel respected and important, as the Washington Post reports. Maybe you’ve noticed this when someone mentions your name in conversation?

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