Schoolies is meant to be a time to let loose, go on exciting adventures, and celebrate the conclusion of high school and the beginning of adulthood with your pals.

Reservations Take Priority

Booking your lodgings months in advance may seem unnecessary, but there is a good reason: to ensure that you do not miss out! The worst thing is waiting until the last minute to reserve your accommodation for Fiji Schoolies 2023, only to find that all the good spots near the beach are already occupied. However, this may also result in you being separated from your pals (who were smart enough to book ahead of you and get lodging!). How likely would you enjoy spending your Schoolies week in a hotel far from the main events and having to spend the whole week with people you do not like? With pre-booking, your school’s trip will be guaranteed for just $100, with no other payments for another couple of months!

Reserving a room with your pals

You can probably think of that one group or individual that does not exactly bring out the best in you! Room with someone you have a good feeling about, who you think will keep you out of trouble. Make sure you and your roommate are on the same page about how to spend Fiji Schoolies 2023 (laying out in the sun and partying SENSIBLY!). A week might seem like an eternity when you are stuck in close quarters with someone you do not like.

Hotel’s proximity to the airport

If you are not acquainted with Fiji, you may assume that all Schoolies hotels are located right on the sand. Unfortunately, not every property has this advantage, and while most hotels are within walking distance from the beach, quite a number are farther away than you expect. If you are heading home after a night of partying (assuming you have a partner by your side at ALL TIMES), you want to save yourself the journey and get back to your hotel for an after-party lasagna ASAP! Quite a few hotels may promote their location on the beach, but this is far from reality. Do your research and examine the distance between your hotel and the beach before picking a room.

Deciding the destination

Choosing a place to sleep during Schoolies might be a challenge. Where would you rather stay—away from the hubbub of Schoolies or smack dab in the middle of things? Review the comments made by previous Fiji Schoolie goers to get a feel of the resort and each trip, and decide whether they meet your needs before making a reservation.

Schedule an appointment with a Schoolies expert

At first glance, it may seem easier and more cost-effective to book your accommodation on your own, without the assistance of a Schoolies consultant, given the abundance of attractive offers available. On the other hand, booking via a professional in Fiji might save you a lot of money and time since they have access to all the hotels in one place. Many people do not know that when they book through a consultant, they receive more than simply a place to sleep. You will get entry to all the best beach parties, 24/7 security, special deals at area restaurants and activities, and more throughout your Schoolies week. 

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