Before I knew about LinkedIn’s potential to help grow my business, I was making contacts that I met randomly at networking events, conferences, or just LinkedIn. Once the request was made and received most of the time, I had no way to follow through. I used LinkedIn very little and certainly couldn’t come up with a lead generation plan with the help of the platform. Things have already changed since I learned my methods, I can often use LinkedIn to build relationships with my customers. It enables me to grow my business, and now I can help others do the same.

When you are a consultant, professional, or consultant who sells to other businesses, expectation on LinkedIn is not more complicated or more important. As a result of COVID, we need to replace the traditional ways of networking and trade shows with online activities to grow and sustain our business. LinkedIn should be part of your mix.

What is happening with LinkedIn from 2022?

Many businesses are focusing on LinkedIn, and you may have noticed an increasing number of invitations. You will reject most invitations if you are like me because they do not suit your needs.

In this post, you’ll learn about the three most effective strategies we’ve discovered that if you plan to use LinkedIn to grow your brand and your business for 2022, you should.

Bring users to your business using hashtags on your profile to help with the process of search engine optimization.

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Note that many people are using LinkedIn as a search engine. If a potential buyer is embarking on their shopping journey and researching possible solutions and solution providers and solutions, they will search the Internet. What they see on your feeds will depend on how you enhance your profile. For example, in sections of your profile header, with sections like “About” and Experience sections, do you get the most out of hashtags? Using hashtags to define the most searched keywords will help you stand out and be at the top of LinkedIn search results.

Most do not realise that Google is also being indexed through LinkedIn profile pages. Are you hoping to be included in the top search results for information on Google? Make sure to improve LinkedIn. LinkedIn, and you’ll see an increase in the number of inquiries from external sources.

Create a sticky profile. Help your customers connect with you.


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If potential buyers are “testing” their options before deciding to buy, they will look at their LinkedIn profiles. The most reliable way to determine if you are a legitimate business and know your personality as a whole. What can they find when they browse your profile, headlines, work experiences, education, etc.? This is natural because LinkedIn was initially designed as an online resume creation site that could help potential employers.

If you plan to use LinkedIn for business growth, it is important to review your profile to make sure it is tailored to the needs of our customers. Do they need to know what we did in college? Most likely, no.

Videos, articles, and promotional materials illustrate your strategies, solutions, and advice. These are the things that make you stand out in front of a potential client. If you haven’t set up an account that is optimised for your potential client, they may not be able to see the full details of the services you provide to them.


Discover the wild world of LinkedIn to create sales opportunities.


When your website is updated, you can be sure that a potential customer will come to your website and be aware of the products and services you offer. Now you are ready to deliberately start an outbound network. There are so many types it’s hard to say. One is the existing network system of referrals (a great start-up option). The second option is to reach new contacts.

I generally suggest that when coaching people, start by building your network. You can already find gold inside the web before going to market opportunities.

You can download your database. In “Me”, under the “Me” tab, you’ll find “Settings and Privacy”. You can “get copies of your data” under the account.

Once you’ve downloaded the pre-created spreadsheet, you can use it to identify the best candidate for the meeting. It is also recommended to find well-connected people who have a large number of fans. I’m sure you’ll find contacts that you may not have thought were easily accessible.

Like any business-to-business marketing strategy, the new strategy with a caution wing who will most likely buy from you is crucial. If you’re using Sales Navigator, you can save your search lists so that you can revisit them often.

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