Social media is not limited to family or friends interaction anymore. Businesses have become part of the social media world. Social media is the source of everything good that could happen for brands, from marketing products and services to interacting with customers and building strong customer relations. While several companies have built their presence on social media, only limited brands have come up with shareable content and remain relevant.

Social media users always look for something new, impactful, and funny to share. We have seen the massive rise of memes and their high shareability factor. We have seen videos going viral in seconds and brands publishing user-generated content that gets all the love from the internet. These days, most brands want their latest social media posts to reach a wider audience. Brands are doing almost everything to become the next viral brands or grab more followers. We can see brands become part of the social media trends, making TikToks, posting stories on Instagram and Facebook, and tweeting on Twitter all day.

COVID and Social Meida Content

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet saw a sudden increase in social media business profiles. There is an increase in content demand from the users. It gets tricky for the brands to cater to the increased demand and remain consistent with their share of content in such a large competitive pool. Even for a small business or brand, getting popular on social media is the number one way to success.

In addition, to become famous on the internet, brands need to be constant with their content. They must have high-speed internet service to help achieve consistency in content publishing. There is a good number of Spectrum packages that come with high-speed internet. Cable TV services and Spectrum TV customer service help businesses run their tasks smoothly and stay available on social media.

If you want to curate highly shareable content on social media for your followers, we have some tips. Read further to know the right ways to create shareable content.

Your Content Is Not for You 

First, you have to remember that your content is not for you. Sometimes companies or teams create social media content and posts based on their own perspectives and mindsets. They might even put some information on social media for company employees but have nothing to do with their target audience. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge that your social media content should be purposeful, helpful, authentic, and entertaining for your audience. Most importantly, ensure that your audience can relate to the content produced and then share it on their own social media profiles.

Use Promising Headlines

Drafting catchy headlines is the number one way to grab an audience’s attention on the internet. On social media, a headline helps the users in deciding whether they want to read the content further or not. Also, a headline allows users to determine whether they will hate the content or love it. The headline should not give away a lot or everything about what the content has but should give a fair idea of what it’s going to be about. 

Provide Knowledge on a Trending Topic

No, we are not asking you to teach statistics to your followers. You should create content on a trending topic that your users are interested in. Information about a trending topic makes the post more relatable and highly shareable for the users. For example, you can give insights into how your company runs or talk about women empowerment on International Women’s Day. You can also speak on recently talked-about issues and see how your audience reacts to them.


Curating highly shareable social media content can get tricky. However, once you understand your audience and work on the trending topics, you are in for some popularity game with your competitors.

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