Lift and Slide DoorsLift and Slide Doors

Are you looking for an exterior door design that blends well with your elite, modern, or contemporary house?

If yes, you must consider sliding doors. These doors not only look great as a gateway from your house to your garden or patio but also come in various designs and panels. 

Lift and slide doors are a type of sliding door and have been grabbing the attention of homeowners for quite some time now. This sliding door design offers benefits that make it a perfect choice for exterior and interior doors. 

In this article, we introduce you to top lift and slide doors. But before that, let’s give you a short brief about lift and slide doors.

What are Lift and Slide Doors, and How do these Doors Work?

Lift and Slide doors are a type of sliding door where you need to pull the handle to slide the door open or close. The handle controls the gearing around the door sash. It plays a crucial role in moving the door away from the frame to the desired position. 

As the handle moves away from the frame, the door glides from side to side. There are lift and sliding doors with two and more panels. 

Types of Lift and Slide doors

Lift and slide doors are available in different types of material and panels. Here’s a list of the top lift and slide doors in India that is a trend in 2022: 

  1. Aluminum lift and slide doors
  2. uPVC lift and slide doors
  3. Wooden lift and slide doors
  4. Steel lift and slide doors
  5. Brass lift and slide doors

Of these, aluminum lift and slide doors offer high resistance to climatic conditions. Such aluminum doors come anodized coated like the ones from the house of TOSTEM, where every aluminum door has a unique TEXGAURD anodized coating. It makes maintenance super easy and leaves a long-lasting finesse to the door. 

Lift and Slide Door Versus the Regular Sliding Door

Lift and slide doors require you to lift the sliding doors and then glide over a track. On the other hand, a regular sliding door does not require any lifting. You can glide them over the rails to shut them off or open the doors. 

The drawback of a regular sliding door is that it creates friction and rubbing of seals. It affects the overall water and airtightness of the door. 

Lift and slide doors do not have such friction issues and you can use these doors with a variety of sliding door designs.

Lift and Slide Door Prices in India

There is no standard pricing for lift and sliding doors as it varies with the design, the quality, the number of panels, and most importantly the material and surface finish. Aluminum lift and sliding doors are the most cost-effective option. These doors offer exceptional benefits like resistance to climate change and a long-lasting finish just like TOSTEM’s lift and slide doors with TEXGAURD anodized coat. 

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