The upcoming generation breaks the orthodox thinking of the people. Who only give importance to two fields, either medical or engineering. So there are various career options and exposure available towards different innovative technologies that attract the young generation. Here we are mentioning a few of the most preferred courses available for bachelor’s degree-

BSc – this course is, in fact, more tempting. You can get equal opportunity to diversify the subject and make it big in any course. Companies provide good packages to these students like data analysis, research scholar, and more. Some of the best bachelor’s of science degrees include the following –

Computer Science – It is one of the best preferences by students who don’t like to do engineering and after a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a master’s and excel in this field.

BSc agriculture – Students who belong to a biology background preferred to do BSc agriculture. This degree is known as a novel degree, and many students are getting a job after doing a bachelor’s in agriculture-related companies or government jobs. There are many other BSc courses also available, like BSc chemistry, physics, horticultural mathematics, electronics, etc. After pursuing their bachelor’s can go for a master’s degree can pursue in this field and do exceptionally well.

Hotel Management – If you are a foodie or love to be around food, this is for you. Also, if you love to travel, this course provides opportunities in both the Hotel and travel industries. Hotel management is the preferred degree with the highest rate of placement. Not only in India, but you can also go abroad, After completing your MBA.

Bachelor of Architecture – It is 5 years course where students can learn the basics of higher education in this degree and can be part of any private or government ventures.

Teaching Profession: When we talk about teaching as a profession, it is one of the best jobs, especially if you love to teach. The teaching profession is not only about earning money, it’s about the respect and love that you get from the students. A teacher can build or destroy the future of students.

Nowadays, the teaching profession is considered to be the most tempting profession. Many people, after becoming doctors, engineers, leave their jobs and join the teaching profession. Teaching is not only about career-making but some people love to share their knowledge and follow it as a passion.

Fashion Designing Course

NIFT is an all-India entrance test paper for selecting students who have a background in design sense conceptualization, research, and artistic expression. They offer various subprograms in fashion design and technology that include fashion communication, interior design, etc. And there are various companies and opportunities for students who have a creative and artistic mindset.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

The students who opt for biology without medicine can go for this field. I guess you all know that India is having the world’s largest vaccine center, and various companies do research and development in medicine making here. This field offers guaranteed jobs in the public and the private sector.

Diploma course

The advantage of such degrees Is that it is just a few month courses where you can go for a diploma in any stream you love after the 12th. These courses come with the advantage that you can get placed very well. Some of the best diploma courses are included as follows –

  • Animation and multimedia
  • Jewelry designing
  • Yoga education
  • Biotechnology
  • Retail management
  • Banking and finance and more.

After passing the 12, the exam students can opt for this course and quickly get the job as per their preference. Now many full-time courses are available online to help working professionals or students who don’t want to commute to any particular location. The school management system keeps their data and records with help of different software. All they need to log in LMS portal and attend their classes easily anytime from their place.


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