In the coming years, local search engine optimization will play a critical role in winning SERPs. In 2022, nearly half of all searches will be local in intent. Mobile searches are highly relevant to local businesses, as 88% of users will make a phone call or visit within 24 hours. Local searches are bottom-funnel searches with high intent to convert. Another emerging trend is topic clusters, which are collections of interconnected web pages, and that is built around pillar content and linked to related pages.

Page experience

A lot of the top SEO services trends for 2022 revolve around how to deliver the best user experience for your visitors. Google has made many updates to its search algorithm, and many of them will affect web experiences. For instance, a site with poor web experience can lose a top spot on Google search. If you’re wondering how to improve your website’s user experience, read on to discover five important trends shaping search engine optimization in 2022.

Google recognized this and incorporated page experience metrics into its algorithm. The Core Web Vitals test specific page experience metrics, including visual stability, loading time, and interactivity. These factors will be used to rank websites for high-quality content. However, page performance can be affected by a site’s speed, errors, and lack of HTTPS encryption.

Core web vitals

Core web vitals are factors that Google looks at to determine the quality of a page. These factors include page load speed, visual stability, and interactivity. Because of this, marketers will need to focus on optimizing these elements to achieve better rankings. The first web vital is the Largest Contentful Paint, while the Cumulative Layout Shift and First Input Delay are the three biggest factors shaping search engine optimization services in 2022.

Google’s new Core Web Vitals measures the performance of a page based on a series of criteria. A page with a low Core Web Vitals score means it needs work. Fixing these issues will boost your site’s rankings and improve the experience for visitors. Google expected Core Web Vitals metrics to become part of the ranking algorithm in May 2021. Focusing on website speed and layout stability is essential because these metrics are directly related to potential sales.

AI-first indexing

If you’ve been implementing search engine optimization strategies for your website for years, you’ve likely heard about AI-first indexing. This technology helps search engines better understand what a website is about and how it can improve its rankings. As more websites shift towards mobile, this technology is helping companies optimize for mobile. But it’s not just about making your website responsive; it also considers how your customers use their devices. Adding artificial intelligence to your website will help your website make sure that critical features are easy to use on any device.

While we can’t predict exactly when these changes will occur, we know that they will significantly impact SEO. AI will be a key part of SEO implementation for the next several years, and AI will shape several upcoming SEO trends. With the right strategy, you can implement AI in your SEO to get an edge over your competitors. A few SEO experts like Jumpto1 already embrace this technology for their websites.

Mobile-first indexing

As search engine optimization trends change, staying on top of the latest developments is important. Google has announced plans to switch over all websites to mobile-first indexing. If you’re not ready for this change, here are some tips to prepare your website for the change:

Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative was first announced in 2016. It will use the mobile version of a web page as the primary ranking factor. Initially, Google planned to switch to mobile-first indexing in March 2020, but it delayed its implementation due to the global pandemic. This update will make it easier for Googlebot to access the content. If you want to get ahead of the curve, contact Jumpto1.

Voice search

As you can see, voice search is here to stay, and it will be shaping search engine optimization in the years to come. Google has released the speakable schema markup specification, which is currently only available in beta for news articles, and it is a sign of how this technology will develop. As voice searches become more prevalent, your SEO services should involve answering questions and providing valuable content to your audience. To find out what your audience wants, you can analyze Google Analytics.

While voice search has not yet reached its full potential as a form of search engine optimization, it is quickly becoming a popular way to find information and make purchases. More consumers are turning to voice searches for convenience, speed, and accessibility. With this trend, digital marketers should optimize their websites for voice searches to gain a competitive advantage in this growing market. By 2022, voice searches are expected to account for over half of all consumer searches.


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