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These days are going on and on, time is moving fast, competition between companies is like every day. In all these problems, we need to protect and educate our kids about this fast-growing world. If we don’t, the world will, it’s better to prepare them before the world will. One of the most important things we can teach them is technology. So, here are the top web development applications for your kids.

Lego Boost

Platform: iOS & Android

Cost: Free + $159.94 for Boost Creative Toolbox

Ages: 7+, 2nd Grade +

Boost lets kids build various Lego models and then program the models using a code-based program. This app that teaches kids to code makes use of drag-and-drop to build pieces of code. Users can program models to sound and move.

The set will teach kids to construct 5 various models: a robot as well as a cat Lego-building machine, a guitar and a mouse and an automobile.

They also have the ability to create their own designs and projects. This set can be costly but it’s extremely adaptable and amazing. It will be an easy transition for your child if he or she is already an avid fan of Legos.

Coda Game

Platform: iOS & Android

Cost: $2.99

Ages: 9+

The Coda Game is the gift that keeps giving. With Coda Game, kids can take the reins of their gaming by creating their own games with the simple drag-and-drop language that the app offers!

Children can create games such as the air hockey game, also known as flappy bird as well as a range of games on platforms while learning the fundamentals of programming! Contrary to many other languages that use drag and drop, it uses mostly visually-based drag and drop elements to make the experience more accessible for those who are new to programming.

Move the Turtle

Platform: iOS & Android

Cost: $3.99

Ages: 4+

Move the Turtle is a simple and slow introduction to programming as well as complex code concepts. It is highly recommended by a range of news sources, such as Wired as well as The Guardian.

With a cute and intelligent turtle to guide them, students will learn to be programmers by formulating algorithms to accomplish their tasks. It teaches children to reduce big problems into smaller, more programmable steps, and to learn the tools they will need to use to accomplish these steps.

Coding Apps for Kids in Middle School (Ages 11-13)

 Platform: iOS & Android

Price: Free plus $129.99 to purchase a Sphero robotic. prices differ for other robots.

Ages: 5-13+, KG – 9th Grade +

Children can play with a variety of Sphero robots using the coding application Sphero Edu. There are also miniature models of Star Wars droids like BB-8 and R2-D2. Sphero robots include capsules and balls that automatically roll. They are extremely sturdy, waterproof and flexible.

With different options for every level of coding children can draw paths and drag-and-drop code blocks or write code text. Users can also rotate their devices upside down to use simple remote control without code that could discourage youngsters from learning to code altogether. Sphero is the cheapest of the robots that can be controlled via apps that are on this list.

Cozmo Code Labs

Platform: iOS & Android

Cost: Free plus $149.99 to Cozmo that robot

Ages: 6-17+, 1st Grade – 9th Grade +

Cozmo is a scrumptious small robot that can move around, grabs blocks, turns at objects, locates objects, can speak in short sentences, and much more. Cozmo is controlled by Code Labs, a drag-and-drop programming app that is sure to become a success with kids.

While you can design mazes and obstacle courses for Cozmo at home there aren’t any levels or challenges with the application. The free play might be too loose to hold the attention of kids. It’s also a costly and fragile toy that occasionally has problems and must be paid for. But, Cozmo’s charming character is a total delight.


Platform: iOS

Cost: Free + $7.99/month subscription or $79.99/year subscription

Ages: 8-17+, 3rd Grade – 9th Grade +

Hopscotch can be described as one of the “open worlds” of coding apps for kids . It is the most well-known to teach the concepts of STEM and artistic abilities simultaneously. Children are provided with a variety of tools to manage and control the infinite number of characters, drawings, designs, and designs.

They can make games and animations, and then make them available to the online world. Purchases can unlock more options, but it’s free and fun. Hopscotch encourages kids to master the fundamentals of programming by providing immediate results. It works with a drag-and-drop interface that leaves tedious syntax for future use.

This application is great for those who are creative, however, for children who prefer something structured, it might be too loose-limbed.

Swift Playgrounds

Platform: iPad

Cost: Free

Ages: 10-13+, 5th Grade – 9th Grade +

Swift Playgrounds is an assortment of games that code for kids created by Apple and teaches Swift which is a programming language used for building applications. Swift is Apple’s code language, however, several other apps in this list also teach it.

The main game lets players lead an adorable character through challenges within a vivid 3D environment. The app that teaches kids to code includes other games in coding. The game is compatible with other apps and can even control non-Apple robots and drones such as Lego and Sphero along with Dash (also included in this list). ).

This is a fantastic method of easing your preteen into real-world text-based code without completely sacrificing the cute cartoon characters or games.


At the end of the day, we just want to share your tools for your kids. These tools or software will brainstorm them, educate, mentally and physically prepare. These are web development tools, they are developed under experienced developers and designers. Good luck!

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