5 Types of Carpet Stains & How to Remove Them

Beautiful carpets will add to the elegance of your home. But maintaining that elegance is tough. If you have a carpet in your home or living room, you will know the difficulty in keeping it stain-free. There are a handful of tips and tricks to save you from this misery. Still, it is advised to get regular help from carpet cleaning experts. There are mainly five types of carpet stains and we will provide you with some tips to tackle them efficiently.

Coffee or Tea Stains

Coffee or tea spills need to be removed immediately as they will be difficult to remove once it stains. The first step is to absorb the liquid using some clothes and this is called the blot method. You can then make a mixture of one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of detergent with two cups of water. By using a sponge you can spread this mixture to the area where coffee or tea is spilled. Then, again blot it with a dry rag. Next sponge the whole area with warm water, until the stain is removed. Then blot dry using a rag.

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Pet Stains

Remove the leftovers first and then spray the area with any cleaner containing enzymes that will kill any bacteria and odour present on the surface of the carpet. After that blot this region using a white rag. Repeat the process for the complete stain removal. And if the stain is already dry when you begin, it needs to be hydrated first, then carry on with the process as mentioned above.

Red Wine Stains

For red wine stains, you have to use the blot method. Use a white rag to absorb the red wine as much as possible from the carpet. After that, you have to spray a little club soda on the stain and start blotting with a white rag. By doing this repeatedly and with patience you will get better results. Stop once it is clean and neat.

Dirt and Fat Stains

Before removing the dirt stain it needs to be completely dried up. This is the only thing that needs to be dried up before starting the removal process. At first scrape over the leftovers, then vacuum that area and spray the vinegar and detergent solution and blot the area. For removing the fat stains, sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let it sit there for at least six hours. Then blot the region using warm water and a white rag cloth, till the stain is completely cleared.

Blood Stains

Such stains are to be treated immediately by applying club soda or cold water, whichever is handy. Use the blot method and absorb the blood stain into the rag, till the carpet is stain-free. Another method is to mix detergent with cold water and then spray it on the carpet, and then use the blot method. Repeat these two processes simultaneously to make the carpet clean and fresh.

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