A truck is such a versatile vehicle and can be used for so many different situations and in all climates. When it’s equipped with a good set of tires, there aren’t too many places you can’t access. Because of its singular design, in which the cab is backed up by a bed, you have more options to use your truck creatively than you do a car.

Trucks are vehicles that can fairly easily be turned into campers. There are lots of stylistic options available, but serious consideration should also go into the mechanical aspects of your coming adventures, like how much weight your truck can carry or how high off the ground the undercarriage sits.

Set Up Anywhere

Being able to set up anywhere is the dream of most campers and, certainly, that’s a big reason why people retrofit their trucks. There are modifications that you might consider, so that you’ll be able to get anywhere and, more importantly, get back out.

All terrain tires are a key to getting traction when you need it, such as when you pulled into a spot dry and are trying to leave while it’s raining. This traction goes for on or off-road and that comes in handy when you want to pull onto the beach or otherwise off the beaten path. While the open tread design improves grip and traction, the reinforced sidewalls give the vehicle a greater load-carrying capacity and can endure hard, off-road driving, year-round.

You’ll want a truck that has a high payload capacity, because you’ll be carrying a lot of gear and you might have to put the truck through some strenuous activity. The payload is the amount of weight that a truck can safely carry in the cab and the bed. Midsize trucks can carry between 900 and 1600 pounds.

Setting up on Off-road Terrain

One of the most efficient aspects of the camping truck scenario is that you can bed down without leaving the truck’s footprint. With a roof top tent, for instance, you can tent in the winter, but not in the snow. If it rains, you’ll remain dry. If you order a hammock online you can use it outside on good days as well, setting it up on your car and a tree.

Truck tents are designed to be pitched in the back of a pickup truck. You get support and a bit of insulation from the truck bed and the sides, but still feel as though you’re sleeping right outside. They’re easy to set up and you can pack all of your gear into it once you’re settled.

Suspension kits for trucks are another important consideration when setting up on off-road terrain. Getting there and back could put you in the path of rocks, drops or other debris that can damage your truck’s undercarriage, exhaust system and bumpers. The suspension kit, by adding inches of clearance, gives you that much more leeway.

When you transform your truck into a camper, you expand your options tremendously. You can stay in a campground or establish your own campground. It’s perfect for visiting friends and relatives, even when there isn’t too much room in the house. It can get you as close to nature as you’ll want to get and allow you to get back out. Visit an online auto parts store today to check out the latest in truck-bed tents or anything else that you’ll need for your truck camping experience.

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