Here’s what we’re gonna say right up front: This post is free of judgment. Null. Please don’t take it the wrong way if you hear us saying it. Whatever works for you. You and I are free to be ourselves. You can be yourself. The key to not being judged is to not judge us. Okay, so now that we’ve cleared that up …

Wearers of unstructured hats and those who do not are two types of people. Basically, there are a lot more types than that, but that’s what we’re focusing on.

Hats that are unstructured are a reflection of your personality. The unstructured look is a reflection of your relaxed attitude. Comfort comes from your relaxed nature. The look is unpretentious and casual. There is a friendly vibe. Take into account your best friend; the one you love spending time with the most because you’re so compatible. It was possible for each of you to be your best self while you were together.


It’s just a cap. On the front is the bill but there is no brim. You’re looking at a cap, or a baseball cap, depending on where in the country you are. Most people categorize baseball caps under hats, but they don’t do this when they keep in mind their origins. The phrase “baseball hat” cannot be uttered without others making fun of them. Although in retail clothing, what we’re talking about is still categorized unstructured hats wholesale, for some reason. In fact, when we refer to an unstructured hat, we are talking about a type of cap.

Besides not being structured, it is also unorganized. This means that it does not contain any buckram. A buckram is a type of fabric used for very specific applications.
Have you ever gotten in trouble for tearing the cover off a hardbound book when you were in elementary school?

That’s not the case with an unstructured hat.

It is the round surface of a cap that fits over your head that we call the crown. A cap is just a piece of cloth that covers the crown of your head. It doesn’t mean you’ll get a speeding ticket or get out of a Senate committee meeting just because you’re wearing one.) A cap’s crown consists of (usually) six triangles stitched together on both sides.

In a structured cap, those six triangles look almost identical. An architectural cap is composed of two rectangles that are filled with buckram. For what purpose is it used? Consider the caps real baseball players wear while they are on the field. Does the crown stand straight out in front of you? The buckram is responsible for that. 


That’s correct, if by “floppy” you mean that it lacks the structure of one of those tall, stiff caps. However, that’s what I am trying to convey. This is a casual, comfortable outfit. You can see our Dad Hat line. These have nothing to do with impressing anyone or attracting attention, like the front of a team cap or worse, the back of a seed cap. In the old days, seed companies gave them away so farmers could ride into town with a wagonload of turnips wearing them as free advertising.

I apologize for the judge tone. Please accept our apology. Farmers are our favorite. Turnips, however, aren’t much of a favorite of ours.

What is an unstructured hat, and how is it different from other types of hats?

An unstructured hat is a type of headwear that lacks internal support or shaping elements such as a stiff crown or a pre-formed brim. Unlike structured hats like baseball caps or fedoras, unstructured hats are made from soft, flexible materials that conform to the shape of the wearer’s head. They often have a more relaxed and casual appearance, making them suitable for various occasions. The absence of rigid components allows for easy folding and packing, making them convenient for travel.

What are the popular styles of unstructured hats available in the market?

There is a wide variety of unstructured hats available to suit different preferences and fashion tastes. Some popular styles include:

  • Bucket Hat: A classic and versatile style with a downward-sloping brim that provides excellent sun protection.
  • Beanie: A close-fitting, brimless hat that covers the head, typically made of knit material for warmth.
  • Floppy Hat: A wide-brimmed hat with a loose, flexible structure, often worn for sun protection and a chic look.
  • Dad Hat: A baseball cap style with a slightly curved brim and unstructured crown, known for its casual and comfortable appeal.
  • Newsboy Cap: A hat with a round, full crown and a short, stiff brim, offering a vintage and stylish vibe.

How should I care for and clean my unstructured hat?

Caring for your unstructured hat is essential to maintain its appearance and prolong its life. Here are some general tips for cleaning and caring for your unstructured hat:

  • Spot Cleaning
  • Hand Washing
  • Avoid Machines and Dryers
  • Storage


Unstructured hats offer a stylish and laid-back alternative to traditional structured headwear. Their soft, flexible design makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods, and their versatility ensures they complement various outfits and occasions. Whether you opt for a bucket hat to protect yourself from the sun, a beanie to stay warm during colder months, or any other style that suits your personality, these hats are a trendy addition to any wardrobe. Remember to care for your unstructured hat properly to enjoy its benefits for years to come. With a wide range of styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect unstructured hat to express your unique style and elevate your fashion game.

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