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It is true that modernity and the concern for standardization tend to make all parts of a CV the same. However, the content differs according to the profession. So what are the different types of CV? In this section, we will start with the 3 most commonly used CVs on the job market and end with their advantages and disadvantages. You are invited to read it for more information on the different types of CVs.

Ideal CV: anti-chronological

Without further ado, we will discuss the most ideal CV in terms of job search. Among it resume examples, the anti chronological or chronological resume is special. Indeed, this CV, as its name indicates, has content with dates ranging from the most recent to the earliest. The parts of the CV concerned by the ante-chronology are the professional experience and the education section.

This type is most popular with recruiters, firstly because it lists from the most recent experience to diplomas. This has the merit of highlighting the candidate’s most current skills. Furthermore, in this type of CV, which focuses on experience, the latter is divided into two parts: missions and successes.

Unfortunately, its notoriety plays on it and makes it common and therefore sometimes boring to read for recruiters. Moreover, if you have a dip in some years, it will be difficult to hide them.

CV for everyone: mixed CV

 This is a document that is a mixture between the CV that highlights skills and the so-called classic CV. It takes advantage of the benefits of both CVs without inheriting their disadvantages, which is why it is called a combined CV. Its advantages can be summarized as follows

  • Unusuality (so it stands out from the crowd and is easy to spot),
  • The combination of competence and clarity of information,
  • Optimal rendering for long careers.

In short, it remains the middle ground between what is most used and what is most sought after. Some people opt for it in order to cover a lot of ground.

However, it is a bit long and can exceed one page (ideal format for a CV). Moreover, it is not easy to produce and requires a fair amount of time. Finally, it often has to be adapted to each application.

CV for beginners : Student CV

For this type of CV, you will not have enough problems if you already have an overview of the ante chronological CV. However, the latter differs from the former in that it focuses on experiences. For this CV, people with little experience will find it difficult to fill in this section. For this reason, it is a good idea for a beginner to highlight summer jobs and internships.

This is then an excellent CV for any beginner and probably the most recommended. Apart from that, it places particular emphasis on the candidate’s “know-how” and personality. This is not without appeal to recruiters, as it is the most sought-after CV model these days.

Nevertheless, you will have difficulties in finding highlights from your school career, especially if you have not carried out any extracurricular activities.

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