To lose weight and get your body in order, it is not enough to follow a diet or eat right, you also need to move. And if you want to exercise without grueling workouts and reduce weight, then pay attention to such a modern trend as aquatic fitness (water aerobics, aquafitness, aquafit). 

Aquatic fitness is a relatively “young” fitness trend, making physical exercises in water. Aquafitness appeared in the 70s in the USA and was originally intended for the rehabilitation of people who lost mobility of limbs and suffered serious injuries. Later, this type of training  “migrated” to the world of fitness.

Benefits Of Aquatic Fitness For Health

Aquatic training is practically an intensive workout for all muscle groups. It is very useful for weight loss. Water has a force of resistance, so performing each movement requires much energy. In just half an hour of running in the water, you can lose about 350 calories. Aquatic fitness also allows you to cope with unpleasant manifestations of cellulite, tighten the skin and model the contours of the body. It can normalize and accelerate blood circulation, improving blood supply to all tissues and organs. It is an excellent workout for the respiratory system, which will improve respiratory functions and increase lung volume, providing the necessary volumes of oxygen to the body, training the heart and normalizing the contractile activity of its muscles, and strengthening blood vessels. 

Training has a tonic effect, improves the immune system, and increases the body’s resistance to various infections. And aquatic fitness helps to get a charge of vigor, get rid of depression and apathy and lift your mood. Instead of watching movies or enjoying Bet22, try something as new and original as aquatic fitness: it will give you positive emotions. An aquatic workout has a complex effect on the body of the exerciser: it strengthens muscles, promotes weight loss, improves health, and boosts mood. Loads on the spine are minimal, as water has ejective properties and supports the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, even people with certain health limitations can exercise.

Different Types Of Aquatic Workouts

Training takes place in the pool, and there are two options. The first involves the use of inflatable restraining vests: the trainees put them on and are thus held in the water, thanks to which they can freely and comfortably carry out active leg movements, as when running on surfaces.

The second option is the use of a treadmill, which is installed directly on the bottom of the pool. Such training involves more intense loads and is not carried out in all fitness centers. In some cases, running is supplemented with hand movements, and sometimes dumbbells are used. For training, you will only need to buy a swimsuit and a rubber cap. The swimsuit should be as comfortable as possible, preferably sporty.

Of course, there are some contraindications to consider if you aren’t sure if you should do aquatic fitness or not. 

This direction of fitness is not suitable if you are panic-stricken by water and everything that is associated with it. Relative contraindications are menstruation period, joint diseases, as well as skin problems. With dermatologic diseases, it is mandatory to consult a dermatologist, since the water in all pools contains chlorine, and it can irritate the skin. With joint problems, reduced water temperatures are contraindicated, as well as with a weak immune system. If there are no reasons for you not to enjoy Aquafit, try it! 

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