Does this question keep bothering you now and then? You must feel bored when you consume your favorite nirvana kratom in the conventional powder style. The toss and wash methods no longer feel exciting. Plus, Nirvana doesn’t feel like Nirvana anymore.

Worry not, friend; it is normal for humans to feel that way. You live in the modern world where no trend lasts longer than a month. And kratom powder has already been in hype for many years. Without going into stats, just say it’s been two years since you got your first dose of kratom. You felt good and excited then, but it no more excites you. Read on; maybe you will find another new way of enjoying the magic of kratom.

Can I bathe in kratom?

Ahm! perfect! You are on the right track. By the end of this blog, you’ll get a fantastic idea to relax after a tiring day. Precisely, kratom is a botanical that you can enjoy in multiple ways. You can add it to your tea, munch on the edibles, or even make your DIY recipe. It offers every consumer a wide range of choices from strains to forms. While each variety of strain has some unique benefit, users can conveniently enhance their dose by selecting any kratom form, from powder to bath bombs. Kratom bath bombs are a new addition to the list of kratom skincare products. And, as much as they sound exciting, their effect on the body is also significant. They provide an optimal soothing experience to your body when you enter the bathtub. You can buy kratom bath bombs online or from the market. You can also create a DIY- bath bomb right at your home.

kratom bath bomb recipe for a soothing effect

Kratom has excellent relaxing and analgesic properties. One of its strains, Thai kratom, is a potent soothing agent. It offers calming and soothing effects. When you add it to your bathtub, it relieves muscle soreness. Adding other organic compounds such as orange and tangerine adds a refreshing punch to your tub. You enhance its effectiveness by adding essential oils. Overall, a peaceful bath bomb with the goodness of natural ingredients is ready to make your soaking experience wonderful. It will calm your senses and elevate your mood.

Recipe for bath bomb

After knowing this much, it’s time to see the recipe. The formula isn’t based on Pythagoras’s theorem. Jokes apart, you can easily recreate it. follow these steps:

  • Mix — 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 Tablespoon of citric acid
  • Make a pile — take the mixture and make a pile out of it and then a tiny hole in the center.
  • Essential oils — Add two drops of Orange essential oil and seven drops of tangerine essential oil.

Your simple recipe is ready to give you a wholesome bathing experience.


You can create any bath bomb with all other varieties of kratom, like kratom Vietnam. All you need to do is identify the effect you want to experience. have a good soak-in with kratom!


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