More than half of all fatalities on Houston’s streets are caused by truck accidents. If you’ve found yourself in a truck accident in Houston, it’s important to know what you should do next. Truck accidents can be very dangerous and complicated, so the right action you take after a truck accident is crucial. 

One of the important things you should do after a truck accident is to speak to a truck accident attorney Houston. An attorney will be able to help you with the process of determining fault. You may be entitled to compensation if you were hurt in the crash, but an accident lawyer can help you determine how much compensation you may receive.

Here is a step-wise guide to know what to do after a truck accident in Houston.

  • Stop your vehicle in a safe location

You should immediately stop your vehicle if you get into a truck accident in Houston. You should stop to avoid causing a secondary accident or to avoid harming others as well. Stopping your vehicle means you’ll be able to communicate with the other driver. If someone is injured in your car, you will be responsible for their medical expenses. 

  • Call the police

You should always call the police after you get in a truck accident, especially if the driver was at fault. Unlike an insurance company, the police are obligated to help you. They can assist with any issues regarding property damage, injuries, and anything else relevant to the crash. 

  • Get emergency medical support, if required

If you are physically injured after a truck accident, you should get emergency medical support. You should also let your insurance company know so they can provide coverage. Even if you are not injured, you should get medical support because it can be used later as evidence of the other party being at fault. 

  • Document the accident

It’s crucial that you get all the information about the accident before making a claim. You should collect all necessary information from the accident spot. These pieces of information can help you later when you file a claim.

  • Consult an attorney

If you believe the other driver is at fault, you should consider consulting with an attorney to discuss your legal options. An attorney can help you know how much compensation you might be entitled to. Your attorney will act on your behalf and bring your claim to court.


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