Fantastic hitters have been developed by the Indian cricket team over the years. The Nation is famous for their mastery of the technique of batting as well as their skill with the spinner. Fast bowling has only lately become popularised in India. Picking the top ten Indian batsmen from a large pool of world-class players is a very challenging challenge. In Indian cricket history, these batsmen were instrumental in numerous triumphs. These players’ outstanding performances have led several award shows to highlight the Indian cricket squad from the insights from cricket news cricket news:

  1. MS Dhoni

In limited-overs cricket, arguably India’s greatest-ever asset. The captain of India, MS Dhoni, has been outstanding, but his batting has elevated limited-overs cricket to new heights. He deserves to be included on this list only for that reason. No game was finished till Dhoni was out because he was a clever yet excellent finisher for nearly ten years. By building on the foundations set by Lance Klusener and Michael Bevan, he redefined the art of finishing.

Dhoni’s guiding principle was to push the game as far as possible, even if it increased the asking rate. In ODIs, it has occasionally required 9 or 10 runs every over, whereas in T20Is, it has required 14 or 15 runs per over. However, Dhoni didn’t care since he understood that in a game with thin margins, one or two ferocious blows would put the onus back on the bowling side.

His best batting performance came in a match-winning innings at the 2011 Cricket World Cup final. After another ten years of brilliant work, he would ultimately decide to retire in 2020. He wasn’t at his best in Test cricket, but he frequently saved the Indian batting order, especially when they were struggling abroad. But his best performance was over 10,000 runs at a batting average of 50 in ODIs.

  1. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid, who is perhaps better recognised for his Test cricket accomplishments, was an excellent batsman for India. He made an unforgettable performance at Kolkata during the 2001 Border-Gavaskar Series. He and VVS Laxman batted all day to help India win in a situation where it seemed impossible. Against one of the greatest Test sides in history, Steve Waugh’s Australia, it turned the game and the series around.

He excelled at playing spin and fared well overseas against seam and swing action. His weakness in terms of defence was fast bowling. He had a healthy average of 42 in Australia, but he was never quite able to overpower them, particularly when playing a completely fit team. Dravid struggled in South Africa, when he could only muster an average of 30. However, batting averages of 52 in Tests and 39 in ODIs are often very respectable numbers.

  1. Sunil Gavaskar

On this list, Sunil Gavaskar is the best real pace bowler. Sunil Gavaskar has an outstanding, albeit slightly imperfect, record against the West Indies. Against them, he scored 13 centuries, but more than half of those centuries came before the Island Nation was able to coordinate their four-pronged speed attack. He still manages to score three centuries against a deadly West Indian onslaught, which is no small accomplishment.


Gavaskar was the ideal opening batsman because of his excellent technique and poise. He had almost no weaknesses, which allowed him to average 51 in Test Cricket. He still holds the record for the most Test centuries by a true opening batsman with 34.

  1. Virat Kohli

The greatest batsman of the present period as well as the greatest batsman of all time in India may be Virat Kohli. Given his accomplishments, he is capable of breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s records. He has been outstanding in all game types, despite a little slump in the previous two years.

In all three formats, he has the only batsman average above 50 in the history of the sport. He didn’t have flawless technique to begin with, but he has improved through practise and hard effort. Perhaps the best example is his 2018 trip of England, where he exorcised every demon from the 2014 series. He is perhaps the greatest chaser in the history of ODI cricket, averaging close to 60. He can easily fire down totals and properly time his innings.

Virat is one of India’s all-time top run scorers with more than 23,000 runs scored internationally. In a short period of time, Virat has played in 27 Tests, 43 ODIs, and 70 hundreds. In 2019, Kohli became the first Indian captain to win a Test series in Australia. Kohli has captained India for many years and has guided India to some outstanding victories. In IPL 2016, Kohli amassed 973 runs, an unmatched record, during his absolute peak in 2016, when he would score century for fun. The renowned Indian batsman also took home two man of the match honours in back-to-back T20 World Cups in 2014 and 2016. In his career, Kohli has broken an uncountable number of records, and he remains a key member of the Indian squad as they attempt to break even more in the future.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar

The greatest batsman to represent India is none other than Sachin Tendulkar. When he played, his fans worshipped him as if he were god, and many still do. When he was out at the crease, his batting would meet the needs of the country. Straight drives back beyond the bowler were his go-to move. Throughout his bowling career, he was unwaveringly dominant against all opponents. He achieved the apex of his career in 2011, taking home the ICC Cricket World Cup. He personally had an excellent tournament, scoring 482 runs with a 54 batting average.

The well-known Indian batsman, commonly known as Master-Blaster, was born in Mumbai on April 24, 1973. Sachin participated in 200 Tests, 463 ODIs, and 1 T20I during the course of his 24-year career. Sachin averages 53.78 in Test cricket and has scored 15,921 Test runs. In ODI cricket, he averages 44.83 and has scored 18426 ODI runs. These are impressive statistics for a player who has represented the nation for such a long time. It is quite doubtful that anyone will ever surpass Sachin’s record of 100 centuries in international cricket. He is the only man to have ever achieved the feat. At the age of 36, Sachin also made history by scoring 200 runs in an international one-day game. The prestigious Bharat Ratna award was also given to Sachin for his contributions to cricket.

India has historically produced some of the best batsmen in the world. The country has given the world great batsmen like Sachin (the “God of Cricket”), Dravid (The Wall), and countless others. There are numerous individual batters who have displayed exceptional skill with the bat but are not included in the list. Yuvraj Singh, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, and KL Rahul are a few examples.

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