blinds cleaning importanceblinds cleaning importance

What about the blinds or shades that cover your windows? Do you clean them regularly? They require attention, too. Window blinds, whether they are made of vinyl, wood, fabric, or aluminium, are great at keeping a room cool, blocking out light, and providing privacy, but they are also great at collecting dust, hair, and other particles.

Leaving the area will result in clumps of dirt, dust, grime, and allergens accumulating, which looks unsightly and can disturb workers with allergies.

Why Blinds Need to be Cleaned Easily

The air that we breathe is filtered by curtains, drapes, voiles and fabric blinds. By regularly cleaning, we can improve the air quality in our workspace and contribute to a healthier environment.

A window blind that is left outside can quickly deteriorate and ruin the appearance of your facility. We understand how important your building’s appearance is; therefore, we suggest cleaning your external blinds to make the building look as good as possible. The proper functioning of external window blinds depends on keeping them clean.

Blinds Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a professional appearance, especially for a business. Visitors to your business and surroundings will have a positive first impression if your blinds are clean.

A Simple Blinds Clean

If your blinds aren’t too filthy, a simple dusting would suffice. Wipe off your metal, plastic, and wooden blinds with a gentle dusting cloth or microfiber cloth while they are closed. You can also collect dust on your blinds and shades with a vacuum attachment.

When vacuuming braided wood (bamboo) blinds, use extreme caution. Maintain a one-inch distance between the vacuum attachment and the substance. You risk damaging the material if you don’t. Paper towels and clothes should not be used on woven blinds because the fibres will get trapped in the weave.

Remember to flip the blinds over and do the same thing on the other side. Also, collect dirt from around your window sill and screen using your vacuum attachment. While you’re at it, wash or vacuum your drapes or valances to remove any dust.

A Deep Blinds Clean

A little extra work is required if your blinds are in the kitchen and have a layer of grease on them, or if your blinds have accrued years of neglect. Begin with a basic clean and dust or vacuum away any loose particles. After that, wipe away the stuck-on filth with a moist towel. It’s important to remember that damp is good and wet is harmful, especially when it comes to wood.

It is much cheaper to clean blinds than to replace them with new ones. Most people are hesitant to clean blinds for fear that they will be damaged in the process. But, cleaning blinds regularly can keep them in great condition throughout their lifetime and prevent you from having to replace them.

It is surprising how many businesses are unaware that blinds can be cleaned and many can be restored to their original condition.

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Our team at Sydney knows how important it is to maintain a clean office environment, and that blinds, in particular, are often overlooked in the office cleaning regime. Cleaning methods such as dusting and tidying, which conventional contract cleaners perform, are not enough. The fact that this can harbour harmful bacteria in addition to looking untidy and unprofessional is another concern.

You will not be able to get the most from your blinds without regular repair, maintenance, and cleaning.

In addition to providing you with everything you might possibly need to keep your blinds looking and functioning professionally, Prime Curtain Cleaning is extremely passionate about providing you with the highest quality products.

We’ve got you covered with everything from expert blind cleaning to repairs and maintenance. We can also provide detailed advice and help so that you can make the best decisions for you and your company.

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