In the year 2012, Downton Abbey received six awards among the 11 nominations.

At that time, the show was running for its 3rd season, as it had just started in the year 2010. So, was the show really worth all the accolades or applause!

While some critics might land heavily with their criticism of this show, we might beg to differ. This is because we are getting marvelous cinematography and a period drama which is great to quench all our ravenous soul’s cravings for period series.

Plus, it is comforting to watch. Yes, it is not anything that will give us a dose of an adrenaline rush or high moral knowledge, but it is definitely something that will provide us some peace at the end of the day when things are not making sense, and you want to watch something without an excessive thrill. This is a rough idea of Downton Abbey.

But, yes, you are not wrong to ask this question why even after so many years, this series has a cult following. Already has one movie and is releasing the second one in 2022. That is pretty recent! This means people still would like to talk and discuss Downton Abbey. Let us find out why?

Where To Watch It!

Although Downton Abbey is streaming on Amazon Prime, not every country has the show running. Plus, why should you be wasting your money subscribing to OTT platforms when you can watch it for free. Yes, you heard that right.

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Why Such A Cult Following!

Downton Abbey beautifully portrays the aristocratic life of the Grantham family residing in the English countryside and how modernization and changing time is affecting them. So, what is all the hype about!

Characters To Indulge In

Generally, in every series, you see a character, and the others are just there to complement the storyline. But, that is not the case with Downton Abbey is that one series that has you invested in every character.

Whether it is upstairs with all the lords and ladies and their extravagant dinners, balls, and alluring drama, or the downstairs staff is trying to cope with the changing time and the dying of aristocracy. 

Each and every character has an intriguing storyline that rounds up the plot, and the character developments they show throughout the season is a chef’s kiss!

Multiple Plots & Storylines

This bleeds into the first point surely, but it also talks about the storyline from every complexity and history. For example, the entire second season focuses on World War I, and how it affected people’s lives and changed the world.

The embarking upon the modern world and the threat to aristocratic families. It is packed with family drama and inheritance, and on the other hand, it also discusses social issues like homosexuality during that time or the fight for woman’s rights.

Once you start watching, you will just be pulled more towards the storyline.

A Peep Into That Life

The curator of the show visited an actual castle to understand the architecture and the lives dwelling within. This is where he heard a very wise comment by a dowager staying there.

‘It is like someone peeping into our lives through our window,’ and that is exactly what Downton Abbey is like. It quenches our thirst for knowledge and curiosity about such an extravagant life.

The sheer thought of getting dressed just to have dinner with your family members and then walking to chambers for a night of cards and drinks. Yes, this was their daily lives, and the Downton Cinematography captures it with perfection.

It is the saturated warm color palette that automatically gives you that deep, cozy feeling when you watch it. All in all, it is a comfort watch which you can rerun after finishing, until your heart’s content!

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