For decades, out-of-home advertising (OOH) has served the needs of many firms looking to expand their marketing reach. They have adapted to contemporary technological advancements to transform the face of out-of-home advertising. One thing remains constant: billboards are still one of the best methods to reach potential customers. The electronic LED billboard is the most recent addition to the advertising industry and has created quite a buzz. Unlike traditional Static-Ad billboards, many now employ LED technology that can display multiple adverts.

The question is whether you should continue with traditional techniques or step into the future with the latest digital trend. Understanding the benefits of mobile LED advertising can help your team develop an effective advertising strategy for your business. Here are some of the key differences between digital and classic billboards.

 Mobile billboards 

Mobile billboard vehicles utilize billboard-sized LED displays that deliver your Ad to a much larger audience in your preferred market. Eye-catching creatives capture the attention of pedestrians, people in automobiles, and a wide variety of other commuters. 

Mobile Billboard Marketing in Missouri is a cutting-edge solution geared toward connecting with people on the road. Two types of advertising formats are available:

  • Static digital advertisements
  • Video advertisements (not allowed in all states while mobile)

Digital vs Traditional Billboards

Mobile Billboards in Missouri specialize in electronic digital advertising. Visuals that are eye-catching and dynamic provide a brilliant method to make your Ad stand out on crowded streets. As the name indicates, digital billboards can display a series of creatives with multiple images. This feature makes LED Ads more appealing than the static visuals of traditional billboards. Because digital billboards are not confined to a single display, your creatives can be updated on short notice and the high-resolution screens display a variety of adverts throughout the campaign. The cost and exposure can also be shared by multiple advertisers. 

Mobile Billboards provide an excellent method to promote grand openings, to publicize specials, or to introduce new items and services. Each Ad Position can promote a different item! Mobile digital billboards also offer some valuable features:

  • Prompt advert updating
  • Customization
  • Time-sensitive messaging

ROI Potential

Mobile LED billboards are geared to establish brand awareness and to increase sales. And, because no upfront production costs are required, the ROI is considerably better. Compared to television, newspaper, or radio advertisements, LED billboards provide the greatest exposure for your money.


When deciding between mobile digital and conventional billboards, it simply boils down to your company’s goals. While conventional billboards might be a better option for those with a limited budget and long-term objectives, Mobile Billboard Marketing in Missouri is the best way to achieve optimum versatility and the capacity to reach a specific audience. 


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