Almost every online transaction can be done with a credit card. No matter what you want to buy or play 22Bet – Live sports betting in NZ, having a credit card will make your life easier. 

With many banks, you get a credit card for free when you open an account. But there are also many applications where you can get a card. Like Revolut, for example.

But do not confuse it with a debit card. Those are two different pairs of shoes with different functions. 

A credit card is a type of payment card where the charges are processed through a credit line rather than the account holder’s cash deposits. When someone buys something with a credit card, a balance is created in that person’s account that must be paid off each month. While interest and late fees can accrue if the credit card is not repaid on time, credit cards can also help build a positive credit history. It is especially difficult for newbies to keep track of everything. That is why you cannot get into debt too quickly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get credit in the future.

So basically, it measures your ability to repay your debt. Time is a very important factor here. If you delay your repayment, you will suffer the consequences for the rest of your life. 

Especially for travelers, it is good to always be able to withdraw some cash. Even more so if you can exchange money within your bank account. This makes your trip much easier. First, you save money because you do not pay any commission. Second, you do not have to worry about finding a bank to get cash. Instead, when you arrive, you can already go to a restaurant or at least buy water. 

But a credit card also has its advantages for daily life. 


The most obvious advantage is building credit. It shows how credible you are in repaying debts. Another advantage is the bonuses. When you get a new card. One of these bonuses offers $150 or more if you spend a certain amount. But read these terms carefully. 

You may have heard of cash back. Originating in the US, this meant cash back rewards. 

Rewards points allow you to earn certain points per dollar. This can also depend on the categories like groceries, restaurants or other purchases. These points can be used for travel, gift certificates and so on. 

Another benefit is the frequent flyer miles. It started with American Airlines offering more if you fly more often with that airline. From these credits came a collaboration with Citibank. Nowadays, many airlines do this. And you can benefit from it quite well, with upgrades or better food. So it is better to become a member if you travel that often. 

It is considered safer if you pay with your credit card. Fraud can be detected more easily, and you can always ask someone for help. Some credit cards even offer protection against illegal purchases. But unfortunately, that does not work in every case. 

One of the biggest pluses is that credit cards are always accepted. They are not country specific. So you feel much more comfortable using them. The most important thing to know about your credit card is that you cannot tell anyone your CVV number. The three digits on the back of your card are just as secure as any other pin code. 

So be aware that how you use your card is up to you. Do not let yourself be cornered.

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