Many celebrities like to dabble in real estate because it makes sense. High-profile actors, musicians, comedians, and entertainers draw hefty paychecks for their work. As a result, they often have considerable disposable income that can either sit dormant in a savings account or be invested elsewhere. In addition, real estate has always been considered one of the smartest investments because the world only has so much landmass. The world’s population continues to rise, but new land cannot be formed magically. Therefore, many celebrities often invest in real estate by buying properties, subletting them, or flipping houses. Vanessa Chesson is no exception. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Spanish mother and a half-Italian, half-Native American father, Vanessa is an actor and a realtor. The combination of these two professions might seem confusing to many, especially since her acting career continues to go from strength to strength. She has appeared in several notable films and television shows, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Ballers, Bad Boys 3, and Heels. But this ambitious young girl has always been financially prudent and pragmatic. Thus, she knew she wanted to become a businesswoman besides an actor. She’s pursuing an undergraduate business management degree at the University of Florida and will graduate in the summer of 2023. Moreover, she’s also a licensed realtor, having obtained her license two years ago. 

The young actor became interested in real estate after being inspired by her old boss, multi-millionaire, and great friend, Abe Franco. He has witnessed tremendous success as a real estate mogul, allowing him to amass sizable returns on investment, boosting his fortune. Abe helped Vanessa Chesson learn about the power of real estate as an investment, prompting her to get started herself. Today, the starlet operates her own investment company when she’s not busy acting in projects alongside some of the world’s most recognizable names. Her company finds low-priced houses, renovates them, and sells them for additional profits. As a licensed realtor, Vanessa can list and sell her own properties and likes to invest in multi-family dwellings.

Realtors usually have specific niches they like to focus on, and Vanessa Chesson isn’t any different. While she invests and deals in all kinds of properties, her comfort zone lies in residential properties valued between $200,000 and $2,000,000. Things have transpired phenomenally for the young actress, despite having limited experience. She has only been part of the real estate investing business for a year but has already made some wise decisions that have yielded excellent returns. However, more importantly, some of the projects lined up are bound to catapult her to the next level. She’s scheduled to start working with Grant Cardone on a multi-family project soon. Besides, her company is also working with some well-known actors on real estate investments. 

Most realtors and investors often require years before they acquire such success, and in fact, things have worked out well for Vanessa Chesson, not because she’s a natural but because she’s a hustler. She considers herself blessed because of her success. But it’s important to note that she didn’t become successful because she was lucky. Instead, success came because she was focused and ambitious. She’s a born hustler who never gives up and doesn’t take no for an answer.

Moreover, she has a simple mantra for success – always give, never give up. Another factor that has also helped her succeed is her networking ability. So, it won’t be wrong to say that she is indeed a risk-taker who is making things happen and has big plans to take the world of real estate by storm. 

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