Gynecomastia or sometimes referred to as man boobs, is a condition that affects many men and can cause significant embarrassment and self-consciousness. Fortunately, there are effective surgical options available for those looking to get rid of this condition, and Dr. Adam Kinal, a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, is one of the best in the business when it comes to treating this condition.

Dr. Adam is a well-known surgeon not only in California and Tennessee, but also in Florida, and Georgia because of his exceptional skills that enhance his clients’ appearances and ultimately boost self-confidence. Apart from amazing results, it is his commitment to enhancing his clients’ natural beauty through careful and long-term tested systematic procedures that make him stand out from the rest. 

He always has been passionate about science and has had a keen interest in medicine from a very young age. He took a different approach to elective surgery when he realized it wasn’t all about vanity. 

Men who experience gynecomastia can also suffer from depression. Suffering from ‘man boobs’ can daunt men and fuel self-esteem and confidence.

But what is gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is a condition defined as excess glandular growth of breast tissue in males. A noticeable physical difference commonly affects males in adolescence and old age. Several factors can cause this condition: hormone production in puberty, steroid use, medications, drug use, hypogonadism, and obesity. 

How to treat gynecomastia: Several causes and types of gynecomastia require different treatment protocols to restore the look of a masculine chest.

At least five types of this condition exist adult, teenage, steroid-induced, medication-induced, and pseudo-gynecomastia. Generally, adolescent gynecomastia gives a puffy appearance with tenderness to the nipples, whereas adult and steroid-induced can cause excess breast tissue to form. Patients experiencing these symptoms should always refer to an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Gynecomastia surgery is elective and usually an outpatient surgery, meaning the patient can go home the same day. Depending on the type of gynecomastia the patient has, there are different methods to treat the condition. Liposuction can remove fat from the chest, solving the issue. However, if there is firm glandular tissue, then excision of the glandular tissue may be required. 

Both are often required, and Dr. Kinal is well-versed in explaining what you need.

Regarding man boobs, Dr. Adam Kinal offers several options that vary from the patient, their body type, and requirements. However, Liposuction is one of the most popular and effective procedures for treating man boobs. This treatment targets excess fat and glandular tissue in the chest area, resulting in a more defined and masculine chest. Liposuction requires a minimal incision, leaving very few visible signs of surgery. A small incision is made if the glandular tissue needs to be removed.

One in four men experience the condition, and recent studies have shown that nine out of ten patients are satisfied. Patients seek medical help from experienced surgeons such as Dr. Adam Kinal for aesthetic reasons because of the self-consciousness of social unease. Usually, there is minimal scarring after a gynecomastia surgery; therefore, the patient can recover and hopefully overcome their stresses due to the malaise of having man boobs.

Dr. Adam Kinal’s qualifications, educational background, and achievements are outstanding. He is Board-Certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow Trained Cosmetic Surgeon with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He holds medical licenses in four states, including California, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. This is a significant achievement and is a testament to his skill and expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery.

When it comes to procedures for man boobs, he is one of the most sought-after surgeons due to his honesty, hard work, and openness with the patients. He does not give false hopes to his patients and is very candid about pre-op care, surgery, and post-op care. Dr. Adam makes sure that the patients understand the risks and challenges associated with the surgery before going under the knife and have realistic expectations of the outcome. 

With such attention to detail and compassion for the patients, Dr. Adam Kinal has been continuously excelling in the field of cosmetic surgery. If you too have man boobs and are looking for an effective and long-term solution, Dr. Adam Kinal is an excellent choice. His extensive experience, skill, and dedication to patient care will help you look better and feel confident once the procedure is done!

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